Will 275 65R18 Fit On Stock Silverado?

No, 275 65r18 tires will not fit on the factory suspension of a Chevy Silverado 1500 if you are trying to upgrade the tires. This truck’s factory standard tire size is 265/65/R18, which is 31.6 inches. 33.5 inches is the maximum tire size compatible with the standard suspension. Therefore, despite the fact that 275 65r18 tires are larger than the factory standard, they are too large for this truck type.

If you are prepared to install a suspension raise, though, you can go as high as 37 inches. Note, however, that if you raise the tire size, you must ensure that the wheels are compatible with the new size. You should also pay attention to the tire’s speed rating, which reflects the tire’s maximum speed capacity.

When upgrading a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with its standard suspension, you must be mindful of the size restrictions. Despite the fact that 275 65r18 will not fit, you can still alter your truck by adding a suspension lift or selecting a tire size that falls within the allowed dimensions.


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