Why Is The Abs And Traction Control Light On In My Dodge Challenger?

If the ABS or traction control indicator lights are illuminated on your Dodge Challenger, it could signal one of several things. First, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) may be malfunctioning. This is designed to monitor your wheels’ speed and prevent them from locking up if you apply the brakes too hard. The front wheel speed sensors may also be defective. If these sensors cannot accurately estimate the speed of your wheels, the ABS and traction control system will be unable to function. Thirdly, the traction control module could be faulty, preventing the system from engaging effectively when required.

Lastly, the light may indicate an issue with the system itself. If this is the case, you should have your Dodge Challenger inspected as soon as possible by a specialist. The ABS and Traction Control system is a vital safety component, and its effective operation is crucial for your safety and that of your passengers.

If the ABS and Traction Control indicator remains illuminated, there is likely a problem with the system that requires attention. Get your Challenger checked out and back on the road immediately!


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