Why Does The Car Suspension Squeak When Driving Over Bumps? How To Fix It?

Vehicles lean towards making minor at times more squeaky noises after rigorous usage of the vehicle, especially in case the vehicle is a second-hand one or very old. But if your car suspension makes a creaky noise when you drive down the road or go over bumps, it can be quite challenging to pin down the exact cause. 

Creaking or squeaking sounds coming from your car’s suspension can be irritating and embarrassing, but it’s also an indication of serious trouble with your car. Failure to fix the issue can eventually lead to damaging your vehicle or even causing accidents.

Next time you hear the car suspension creaking, you needn’t panic. In most cases, the causes are minor and can be easily fixed.

What Are The Different Components Of Your Car Suspension System?

Before we figure out why your car suspension is making annoying noises, let’s find out the different parts that constitute your car’s suspension system. Figuring out the different parts will help you better understand where you need to check and find the suspension defects. 

All car suspension systems feature three different parts. Each helps decrease pressure and balances the weight transfer on your vehicle’s body and wheels while turning or going over bumps. The different parts are:

  1. Springs: Nowadays, every car suspension system has a spring coil made of steel. The spring gets compressed or stretched out as the car moves over uneven or bumpy roads. This helps absorb the energy produced while driving on bumpy roads, keeping the car balanced. 
  2. Shock Absorbers: The unique design of shock absorbers helps dissipate the energy absorbed by the springs in the form of heat. 
  3. Anti-roll bars: Anti-roll bars go hand-in-hand with both parts while going on uneven or bumpy roads. They help reduce weight transfer to the outer wheels while taking turns and minimize body leans while cornering.

How Does The Car Suspension Work? 

Your car suspension system is a vital part of your vehicle that provides a smooth ride without compromising handling. While applying the brakes or increasing the pressure of the accelerator, the suspension tends to place more pressure, in turn, you would feel more friction taking place between tires and the road. 

In addition to this benefit, the car suspension system works efficiently to provide the following:

  • Solid steering and good handling. 
  • Comfortable ride and ensures the safety of those in the vehicle. 
  • Maintain a balanced level during the entire drive. 

Is Your Car Suspension Making Squeaking Noises? What Causes It To Happen?

When something goes wrong with the car suspension system, it tends to make squeaky noises, especially when driving over uneven roads or taking turns. Reasons why the suspension squeaked: 

  • Faulty Suspension Parts: One of the possible reasons why the car suspension makes annoying noises is that it is either broken or can be damaged. In most cases, shock absorbers are the culprit.
  • Steering Wheel Issues: Since the steering wheel is connected to the vehicle’s suspension system, an issue with the steering wheel can also impact the suspension. Generally, it happens when the steering wheel becomes loose or damaged, causing the suspension to make creaking noises while going over bumps. 
  • Worn-out Ball Joints: Worn-out ball joints are common issues that cause the suspension to go wrong. It acts as the connector between the suspension system and the wheels enabling a smooth ride. With years of use, it can cause wear and tear resulting in squeaky cornering.  
  • Lack of Lubrication: Most car suspension components automatically get lubricated while driving. After a while, the oil and grease tend to leak or lose their lubrication properties. This ends up causing creaking suspension noises. 

How To Fix The Car Suspension Squeaking Noises While Driving Over Bumps?

Once you have figured out the cause of the suspension squeaking sound, you will be able to fix the particular part to resolve the issue.

Replace the broken rubber bushings

When the rubber bushings are damaged, they can be replaced. Sometimes, it requires a certain amount of lubrication to fix the problem. By carefully looking at the bushings, you can determine if it is cracked or damaged. If so, it’s advisable to replace them to avoid further issues.

Lubricating the Ball Joints

Ball joints require adequate lubrication to function effectively. Sometimes, the lubrication encasing in which these joints are kept must be leaking. Fixing the leak will help solve the issue. 

Spring Lubrication

When the metallic coils scrap against rubber or metallic substances, it causes friction leading to squeaky noises. Since the coil springs get compressed and expand often, it causes lots of friction. To reduce the springs from making any noise, lubricate the contact points using oil or grease. In case of any damage, replace the springs as well.

Fixing Steering Wheel Problems

You can fix most of the above suspension issues on your own. But, if the steering wheel is broken or has loose parts that connect to the suspension, You may have to take your vehicle to get it fixed by a professional mechanic. They will do the necessary repairs in changing the steering wheel control arm and help you get back on the road safely. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a squeaky car suspension, it can be frustrating, especially when you go over bumps or make sharp turns. In most cases, your suspension makes creaking noises due to a lack of proper lubrication. By pinpointing the exact cause and fixing it, you will be able to fix the car squeaking problem in no time.

If you cannot fix the suspension squeak issues, you can check into a nearby local auto repair shop to get your car professionally repaired and serviced. Irrespective of the problem with your car suspension, your safety is more important to avoid further escalations. With the timely, quick fixes by a professional mechanic, you will be able to get back on the road in no time squeak-free!


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