Who Pays For The Damage When A Car Is Stolen And In An Accident?

Theft of one’s vehicle can be a stressful and upsetting event. However, depending on the circumstances, the situation may get even worse if the stolen car is involved in an accident. Who is accountable for the harm the robber caused?

Typically, the negligent motorist is accountable for the expense of any injuries and property damage resulting from an accident. However, if the driver of a stolen car is at fault, the owner of the stolen vehicle will not be held responsible. The vehicle owner is only liable if they were personally involved in the accident or if they knowingly enabled the thief to drive their vehicle.

In most instances, however, the thief is accountable for the expense of the damage caused by the stolen car. They are, after all, the ones who stole the car and drove it wildly. However, as the thief is unlikely to have their own insurance policy, the owner of the stolen vehicle will likely have to pay for the damages out of pocket.

Depending on the conditions of the policy, the owner’s insurance provider may reimburse the cost of damages in certain instances. However, if the vehicle was taken owing to the owner’s fault, the insurance company may not reimburse the loss.

Therefore, if your car is stolen and involved in an accident, you must call the police immediately. This will ensure that the vehicle’s thief is held accountable for their acts and that the vehicle’s owner is not forced to foot the bill.


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