Who Makes Milestar Tires

Milestar tires provide high-quality tires for a wide range of automobiles. They are reliable and offer reasonable costs. Who manufactures Milestar tires?

Nangang Rubber Tire Co., Ltd., one of the largest and most experienced tire producers in Taiwan, manufactures Milestar tires. It manufactures Milestar tires at its Nankang and Xinfeng facilities. Milestar tires are primarily distributed by Tireco Incorporated.

Read on to learn more about Milestar tires, their producers and their qualities.

Who Makes Milestar Tires?

Nankang Tires, a Taiwanese rubber tire company, manufactures Milestar tires. Nankang Rubber Tire Company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

Nankang has a long history of tire production. It has a long history of creating high-quality and affordable tires. It was founded in Taiwan in 1940 and is one of the oldest tire companies in the country.

They formally changed their name to Nankang Tire Corporation after establishing a cooperative relationship with Yokohama in 1959. Since then they have grown in size because they ensure the performance, technology, and quality control of each tire.

Now they not only manufacture tires under their own brand but also for other tire sales organizations (such as Milestar, Geostar, etc.).

Where Are Milestar Tires Made?

Milestar tires are manufactured at Nankang Tires Corporation’s two plants in Taiwan, as they are a sub-brand of Nankang Tires Corporation. The parent company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Its tire production operations are located in Taiwan, in Xinfeng and Nankang. The majority of Milestar’s products are manufactured at the Xinfeng facility.

Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. Ltd.

Let us now study more about the manufacturer of the Milestar tire brand, Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. Ltd.

Nangang Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. manufactures automobile tires, as well as a variety of other synthetic rubber items. Tires for automobiles, light trucks, snowmobiles, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are examples of these items.

In 1940, a group of engineers founded tire manufacturing in Taiwan. Its achievements have earned it the title of Taiwan’s largest tire manufacturing company. It has always claimed to operate according to the principles of Japanese manufacturing technology.

Nankang Rubber Tire has two facilities in Taiwan: the Nankang factory and the Xinfeng factory. Most of its goods are produced at these two companies. It also has a facility in Jiangsu, China, which opened in 2003. Thanks to this growth, Nankang Rubber Tire will be able to increase its product line.

Product Quality

Ford Motor Company has awarded the tire manufacturer Q1 accreditation. It also received ISO-9001 certification in 1994.

Nangang Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. also manufactures Provato and Geostar brand tires, in addition to Milestar tires.

Markets Worldwide

Although the tires are manufactured in Taiwan, they are also exported to more than 100 countries around the world. More than 300 distributors represent Nankang Rubber Tire throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central, and South America, the Middle East, and Australia.

Next, in the “Milestar Tire Review,” we take a look at the Milestar product line.

Are Milestar Tires Any Good?

Milestar is known for being a premier manufacturer of high-quality tires that provide the performance you want at a reasonable price. That’s why you should trust them for a safe and enjoyable ride:


Milestar’s items have a fixed price, and you have to take into account the customer’s capabilities when budgeting. Their entire product range is cheaper than other comparable items in the tire industry. Even their high-performance and ultra-high performance tires are quite affordable compared to other tire manufacturers.

Don’t be fooled by their low-cost offers. Their tires are on par with other high-end tires in terms of quality. As a result, you will spend more for less. The value for money is incredible, making it a deserved contender in the market for the best economy tires.

Customer satisfaction

Milestar continually looks for ways to win customers by offering exceptional customer service. Its tires have a lifetime warranty of 50,000 miles on average. To help consumers and dealers, they continue to launch new warranty packages. The “30-day driving insurance” and the “road hazard protection plan” are two such programs.

The driving warranty includes a 30-day risk-free trial period to test the tires. If the buyer is not satisfied with what he has purchased, he can exchange it for a new tire. You can receive items of equal or lesser value at the exact location of purchase without any problem if you provide the original purchase receipt.

Milestar-approved dealers may offer free tire replacement services as part of the road hazard prevention program. If damaged due to cuts, stabs, bruises, scratches, gouges, or impact tears during the first 12 months after purchase.


Milestar tires are intended to enhance the entire driving experience of the car by giving the driver total control. The tire has an inventive design with large circumferential ribs to promote road grip, stability, and traction. As a result, they will be able to enjoy a smooth and fluid ride regardless of the road conditions.

In particular, sipes have been added to the tread pattern to withstand the impact of water skiing. The tires also offer exceptional braking performance even on wet roads, making them quite safe. The specific tread material and its design improve the tires’ traction in all weather conditions. As a result, the driver can have a fantastic driving experience that is unaffected by the weather.

Service life

All the performance indexes will be for nothing if the tire cannot withstand tread wear after several rides. The Milestar team is aware of this.

As a result, they include complex design features such as pressure release channels that hold the tire steady when encountering uneven terrain. To prolong tread life, silicone is poured into the tread rubber. This, again, decreases the chance of damage from chipping and shavings.

A team of well-trained professionals tests these tires to ensure their quality. And they can only pass the test if they have proven to be strong and durable.

Milestar Tires Reviews

Let’s now talk about the functionality of the different Milestar Tires products. The following are some examples:

1. MS70 All-Season

The Milestar MS70 All-Season tire fits 13 to 15-inch wheels. It is an excellent alternative for small, ultra-compact, and mid-size vehicles. It is ideal if you want to replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires in your vehicle’s inventory.

The tire tread pattern is symmetrical. It allows you to effortlessly rotate the tire in any configuration to increase tread life. At the same time, the tire type incorporates changeable sipes and vertical sipes, which help improve grip in all weather conditions. The tire’s circumferential groove pattern aids grip in wet conditions.

2. StreetSteel Classic Performance

Milestar Tire’s StreetSteel Historic Performance models are ideal for classic vehicles, custom road signs, hot rods, and muscle cars. It is ideal for cars that need frequent retro-style tire calibration as well as current features and exceptional performance.

The distinctive checkered flag sidewall design distinguishes the StreetSteel variant. At the same time, it features solid white embossed lettering that evokes the tire design of classic muscle cars.

The model incorporates sloped sipes and a serrated center rib, which help increase stability and grip in both dry and wet conditions. It incorporates circumferential grooves to easily and effectively remove water from the main tread. This increases handling capability in wet conditions.

In addition, this model has an oblique shoulder design, which further enhances the processing capability. This can improve steering sensitivity and cornering comfort.

3. MS775 Touring SLE

This style of Milestar tire is ideal for year-round driving. You have the option of having the MS775 Touring SLE tires with black or white sidewalls. If you choose the white version, it features thin sidewalls with white pinstripes that are ideal for custom coupes, historic vehicles, and low vehicles.

The interlocking round blocks of the MS775 Touring SLE tire enhance grip and traction. At the same time, it improves driving directional firmness. The open shoulder blocks and circumferential grooves of this model are meticulously designed to quickly disperse water in wet or icy conditions, resulting in exceptional traction.

4. MS932 Sport

If you read the Milestar Tire MS932 Sport reviews, you will discover many positive comments. Users love their MS932 Sport high-performance touring tires because they are ideal for cars, sports coupes, and even crossovers.

The tire type includes large circumferential ribs and a tread design that has been fine-tuned. These qualities contribute to increased stability. They can also improve traction and grip. In fact, even in cold or snowy weather, this model can provide exceptional all-season performance.

Who manufactures Milestar tires? Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation Ltd manufactures Milestar tires. Nankang is one of the largest and most established tire producers in Taiwan. Taiwan’s tire factories are located in Nangang and Xinfeng. Milestar tires are mainly distributed by Tireco Incorporated.

5. Milestar MS932 XP

Milestar’s MS932 XP tire type is a high-performance tire ideal for performance cars, sports coupes, and sports cars. They are small and have a diameter of 18 to 20 inches.

This type of tire includes significant shoulder blocks, which can greatly increase handling and cornering stability. The sloped sipes and large circumferential grooves improve traction, especially on wet roads. In addition, the tire includes an improved inner tread pattern for improved grip on ice and snow.

The most striking aspect of this model is that, even at high speeds, the tires remain smooth and quiet.

6. Grantland AP and Grantland H/T

Milestar Tires Grantland offers two sub-models: Milestar Tires Grantland AP and Milestar Tires Grantland H/T. Both are excellent choices for pickup trucks and off-road vehicles.

Milestar Tires Grantland AP

The Milestar Tires Grantland AP type is a good choice for general-purpose tires. This variant is capable of on-road travel as well as off-road crawling.

It features a catapult and a tread groove that is inclined. These effectively increase traction by protecting the tires from debris. Also, the design of large circumferential ribs and side sipes improves operability and stability in a variety of weather situations.

Grantland H/T

The Milestar Grantland H/T is an all-season road tire. As previously mentioned, it is ideal for sport utility vehicles or pickup trucks.

Due to its large circumferential grooves, this style of tire is prone to water consumption. The ribbed shoulder design adds stability. It provides superior handling and stability in all weather situations due to its superior circumferential rib design.

Milestar Tires Grantland versions are pleasant to drive. Most significantly, even at high speeds, these tires are exceedingly quiet.


Many people believe that Milestar tires are cheap and of poor quality. These tires are, in fact, reliable. In fact, they are as reliable as more expensive sensors.

Milestar tires provide a variety of tire options. For sure, you will locate the best car for you. The tires will not only make you feel happy and satisfied, but they will also provide you with an excellent and enjoyable driving experience. You can also rest assured that you will be able to get reliable and durable tires at such a cheap cost.


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