All You Need To Know About Who Makes Everstart Batteries

Your car, boat, RTV vehicle, or tractor is useless without a reliable battery. Every type of transportation vehicle relies on a battery to start and operate the engine. Everstart batteries won BestCovery’s “Third Best Car Battery for Value” award due to the battery’s low cost and high value. Everstart covers all types of vehicles in its battery line. Cars, Trucks and SUV Batteries

Everstart Batteries

Everstart batteries are ranked in the market as one of the best batteries in the automotive world. Everstart manufactures a wide range of batteries for different circumstances and vehicle models.

They are maintenance free and their use is easy and practical.

Who Makes Everstart Batteries?

EverStart automotive batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls and sold everywhere at Walmart. The reason EverStart batteries can be considered one of the best is that they are very affordable and have a large number of cold cranking amps. EverStart car batteries can be purchased for a not-so-high price and will work in the coldest climates. Also, any Walmart with a tire and lube department will install the battery at no charge.

Where Are EverStart Batteries Made?

Their main manufacturers are in Canada which are the companies Johnson Controls, Inc or Exide Technologies. EverStart is manufactured exclusively for Walmart Canada.

Everstart Battery Types

Everstart has a wide variety of vehicle batteries. The type of battery will vary from car to car. There are different types, you just need to find an Everstart battery model that fits your vehicle.

Marine and deep cycle batteries

Everstart has a line of starting and deep cycle batteries made for small to medium-sized boats. A deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge heavily and provide a steady stream of current, unlike an automotive battery that uses only a small amount of current at a time. A starting battery unleashes quick bursts of energy, which is best for powering a large boat.

Automotive Batteries

According to Wal-Mart, the exclusive seller of Everstart batteries, Everstart carries a battery in more than 92 percent of the cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market. Standard vehicle batteries use a combination of sulfuric acid and water to form a chemical reaction within the battery, which in turn powers the vehicle. This allows car batteries to last a long time using only a small percentage of the charge from each use.

Leisure and vehicle batteries

Standard car or truck batteries will not work in a recreational vehicle or RV. Instead, RVs use deep cycle or starter batteries similar to batteries used for marine equipment. Everstart carries a full line of these batteries suitable for most RVs.

Tractor and Batteries Riding Lawn Mower

Tractors and riding lawn mowers use a 10-volt battery that is similar to a car battery, but smaller in size. These batteries work on the same chemical reaction principles as a truck or SUV battery. Everstart carries batteries for both large and small tractors and riding lawn tractors.

Multi-sport batteries

All-terrain vehicles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and motorcycles all use batteries to operate. Recreational vehicles use lead-acid based batteries that the owner must occasionally add water to. Some newer models of recreational vehicles absorb fiberglass batteries, which are also lead-based batteries. However, AGM batteries have a longer service life and are safer to use. Everstart carries 15 models of RV batteries.


What is the warranty on an Everstart battery?

Everstart batteries come with a 36-month free replacement warranty.

How long do Everstart batteries last?

From my experience, Everstart batteries can last between 2 and 3 years. While the premium Everstart Maxx line lasts between 3 and 5 years.

How good are Walmart EverStart batteries?

They are a great value. EverStart batteries are manufactured by a reputable company, which will guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

Who makes Maxx EverStart battery?


Does EverStart battery need water?

EverStart batteries are maintenance-free, so there is no need to add distilled or deionized water to them. In fact, doing so may void the battery warranty.

Do I need a receipt for the Walmart battery warranty?

If it is an EverStart battery, which is a Walmart brand, there is no problem, they will honor the length of the warranty if, on the other hand, it is not a battery sold by Walmart, it has no receipt, therefore they will not be able to determine how old it is and probably will not replace it.

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