Who Is The Largest Tire Manufacturer?

It comes as no surprise that Michelin is the industry leader when it comes to tire manufacture. The Michelin group is the largest tire maker in the world as of 2021, officially ending Bridgestone’s 11-year stint as the industry leader.

It is no minor feat for Michelin to have surpassed the Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone. Bridgestone has been a prominent manufacturer of tires for decades, and their tire inventions are well regarded and in high demand. In 2021, however, Michelin has officially taken over as the largest tire maker in the world.

However, Michelin and Bridgestone are not the only leaders in the tire manufacturing market. Continental, Goodyear, and Sumitomo are building a name for themselves as well. Continental, a German tire producer, is renowned for its high-performance tires, whereas Goodyear, a tire manufacturer based in the United States, is known for its durable, dependable tires. Another Japanese tire maker, Sumitomo, is well-known for its extensive selection of tire alternatives and cutting-edge technology.

Michelin’s success as the largest tire producer in the world comes down to tire quality. Their tires are recognized for their longevity, performance, and safety, making them a popular option among drivers. With their dedication to innovation and quality, it’s no surprise that Michelin is the industry leader in tire manufacture.


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