Where To Sell Used Tires: A Definitive Guide

Your car is a blessing in disguise until you change the tires yourself. I’m not talking about the mastery you require to change the tires; I’m talking about the discarded tires you have lying around in your garage waiting to be dumped.

Throwing them out in dumpsters is a viable option, but certainly not the best. Several businesses want you to literally sell them the used tires. Certainly a better option than discarding them for free.

1. Sell Your Used Tires to Other Tire Disposal Businesses:

There should be many other companies in your proximity who buy and dispose of the used tires. Many auto repair shops only supply the new tires and set them up, but there must be at least another business, who is buying old ones from them. Ask your tire supplier about them and establish a contact.

If you have lots of tires hanging around, you should get a very good deal by approaching the disposal businesses directly. Honestly, in my opinion, you should get quotes from at least three of them. That way you will be able to compare and choose the best. If you have other friends with cars, you can also ask them to bring you their inventory. 

Any of the following options can be used to sell your tires:

  • Corporate Tire
  • Pomp’s Tire (Midwest tire)
  • Santa Ana Wheel
  • Tire Management, Inc.
  • A & A Tire & Wheel (Dallas)

2. Where To Sell Used Tires Online?

In this blessed time of the internet. Many local websites mediate buying and selling of used tires and car parts to interested customers. You just need to enlist your “product” and upload photos to get approval.

After that, the interested buyers will start contacting you. Talk to them about your preferred pricing and terms to seal a deal. On average, online purchases tend to be costlier than offline ones. You could get a better deal out of the websites than with the local vendor.

You can enlist on decentralized websites like craigslist to promote your inventory, but the chances of someone looking for used tires at that particular time is low. Which could prolong your search for buyers.

Your sales depend on the demand and pricing of your product, but with a channeled website with a specific niche, you can get buyers faster.

Any of the following websites can be used to sell your tires online:

  • Tire-Trader.Com
  • SellMyTires.Com
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace

3. Tire retreading facilities:

Retread facilities remold the high-quality used tires to sell them to interested buyers at a comparatively lower price than the new ones. Some tires can be retreaded only once, some can be reused several times before being shredded.

If you could find retreading facilities near you, your old tires can be sold off at a very decent profit. But the earning is not always guaranteed as some retreading companies scout for specific types of tires to retread.

4. Recycle Other Parts of Tire:

Most of the businesses pick old tires up to just reuse the tire part only. If you can’t find buyers for your used tires, consider looking out for buyers interested to buy the rims for aluminum. If your tire’s rims are still in great condition, enlist tires and rims differently to make the best out of both worlds.

In this arrangement, your buyer for tires and the one getting the rims, both get the best value for their requirements. Local regular recycling places should be interested to buy the rims from you.

5. Sell Old Tires to Shredding Organizations:

This is a myth that tires can only be retreaded and sold to interested buyers. There exist several businesses that shred the tires to reuse them as TDF, Rubber bands, sporting arena landing, rubber mats, roofing materials, and roads. 

If your tire has run out of its life as a roadrunner, consider contacting your local shredding business and government offices to take them in. Governments make Tar out of discarded rubber products to repair and maintain roads.

6. Retread and repair Before Selling:

Retreading tires is costly, but if retreaded before enlisting for buyers, you can get much more value out of the tires than you could’ve with used ones as not many of the sellers would never bother to retread the used ones.

Getting something ready to go is something we always look for. Traveling the extra mile is not necessarily a good thing. Retreading yourself can be a hassle, but if you have the proper tools and knowledge, it can be done with minimum investment. 

7. Saving for Your Own Business:

Collecting and selling tires is the first step towards establishing your successful business. If you have knowledge about tires and about repairing other’s cars, you should think about starting your own repairing and retreading business.

Does your area have potential customers? Do you have what it takes to be a business person? Do you know how to fix cars? You need to ask these questions before starting out.

Things to Know Before Selling Old Tires:

Selling tires are simple, but there are certain things that you need to comprehend before you burst out of the garage with your old tires.

– Some countries require a license to retread or even sell old tires, as tires are a very important element for road safety. You need to get the information about selling tires to other people. If you are selling to local businesses as a personal belonging, it shouldn’t possess a problem as the shops would be licensed and must have experts inspecting them.

– You should consider the associated expenses with selling used tires, such as transportation, disposal fees, and accommodation. Before you start selling used tires as a business, recognize the hidden expenditure of transporting huge loads of tires, promotion, and tools. Disposal fees are another issue you should consider. Being in a business, you need a warehouse to store your inventory. The rent and maintenance of these storage facilities can go over the head real soon if not considered before.

– You need to market yourself before jumping into the tire reselling business. Knowing your customers, reaching to them, creating awareness about the perks of your business takes time and money. But with the right plan, you can succeed in the business.

Selling used tires is not a conventional business by any means, but from a profitability standpoint, selling used tires is still very much effective. 


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