Where Is The 2020 Rav4 Hybrid Battery Location?

The 2019-2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is fitted with a 12V battery that is easily accessible beneath the hood. Whether you’re wanting to replace, maintain, or simply check the power level of your battery, it’s crucial to know exactly where it is. This video was created by Morozov Automotive to demonstrate the precise location of the battery in the 2019-2023 RAV4 Hybrid.

When you open the hood of your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the 12V battery is located on the passenger side, close to the front of the engine compartment. It is contained in a black box that rests on a plastic tray attached to the vehicle’s body with four screws. Notably, the negative cable must be detached before working on the battery, as it is attached to a harness on the firewall.

The video from Morozov Automotive demonstrates in greater detail where the battery is located and how to replace it if necessary. If you need further assistance locating the 12V battery in your RAV4 Hybrid, be sure to view the video. It is a quick and simple technique to complete the task correctly the first time.

It is crucial to have a good 12V battery in your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, so be sure to check its power level and replace it if necessary. This video from Morozov Automotive will assist you in locating the 12V battery in your 2019-2023 RAV4 Hybrid fast and easily.


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