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Where Can I Hide My Key On My Car?

Hiding a spare key in your car can save you from having to make another copy if you lose the original one. However, someone can find your key and get access to your car, so it’s always up to you whether you want to take the risk or not.

In this article, we will go through the best spots in your car to hide your spare key. Also, we include beneficial advice on how to avoid the risk of theft.

Why Should I Hide A Key In My Car?

Drivers think that hiding a key in their car is a good idea because it makes them feel much more comfortable, especially when the vehicles are used for races. Nonetheless, the biggest issue with storing a key in your car is that there is a possibility that you will forget that you left the key there and move it somewhere else.

It can happen that your hiding spot was not that good after all and that thieves found the key when they broke into your car. Another disadvantage would be placing the key where it can no longer be removed and due to this, you will need operations that will require higher costs of repairs.

There are other reasons not to hide your key inside the car. First, many people believe that it’s an invitation for someone else to steal your keys and your car, and therefore, it’s safer to keep them somewhere else.

Second, a lot of people believe that you will attract the wrong attention if you have an extra key in plain view, whether because of the way you drive your car or because the key is visible.

Thirdly, if something happens to your car but the police ask for proof of what happened, let’s say who was the last person who used your car, they will probably need a key, so make sure it’s hidden appropriately.

How To Choose The Best Place To Hide A Car Key?

After considering all the factors, there is generally one place that it’s going to provide the best amount of protection against being robbed, such as:

1. Tire well

The tire well is one of the best places to hide your key. This is because it is not visible and burglars won’t think to look there. So, if you want a place where you can hide your car keys and still be able to find them again, the tire well is a good place for it.

2. Gas cap cover

The gas cap is one of the most easily accessible areas of the car and is not the best place to hide valuables. If you’re going to be out for a few minutes and don’t trust yourself to remember where you’ve put your jewelry, then the gas cap may be an ideal place.

If you’re going beach surfing, for example, and don’t want to risk losing your keys in the sand, then go ahead and put it in the gas cap. You can use some duct tape to keep them secure.

3. License plate

Want to hide a key in your car, but don’t have extra space? Why not use the space at the bottom of the license plate? Depending on the shape of your front bumper and the depth of the license plate bracket, a standard key hiding wedge will suffice.

Hiding the key behind the front license plate is like hiding the key in plain sight. If you want to keep your car safe and secure, this is a great option.

Plus, it’s a sneaky way to keep you from losing it! But if you’re looking for something a little more robust, you can hide your key with a car key concealment container on your license plate.

These small containers are designed to attach to your vehicle and are perfect for storing keys, ID cards, credit cards, or anything else you want to keep safe.

4. Bumper

Hiding the car key in the bumper is probably the most commonplace where people keep their keys. It is also one of the most dangerous places. This is because it is usually the first place thieves look.

The best bumper cover to hide a key is in metal housing. Metal is durable and can protect your car key in case it falls off the bumper and gets scratched in the process. It is important to understand the different types of bumpers to protect your car key.

The bumper is a protective component on the front of your vehicle and can make a world of difference. If the bumper is made of plastic or fiberglass, this concealment device will be useless.

5. Tow hook cover

This is also a very clever spot if you can get it to work. The tow hook cover opens up a reduced area in the front bumper, with a threaded hole where the tow hook screws in. If you take the spare key, you can push it into the hole and then pin it with the cover.

It’s one of the best hiding spots for an emergency key location. Keep in mind what kind of tool you are going to need to take the cover off because if you can’t reach the key when you need it, it’s going to be a problem.

6. Undercarriage

This means that if you choose this option, you won’t have to worry about losing the key. However, people still struggle to find the most suitable place for it.

Just take a piece of metal and use it to stick it under your car. If someone drives by, they won’t notice the key, but if you need a place to hide it for a few hours or days, this is an excellent solution.

Nowadays, car manufacturers offer the option of fixing a spare key under the chassis of the car. This means that if you choose this option, you won’t have to worry about losing the key. However, people still struggle to find the most suitable place for this purpose.


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