When Did Gm Start Afm?

In 2005, GM began adopting Active Fuel Management (AFM) technology. It was created to strike a compromise between fuel economy and engine performance. By utilizing fuel from only half of the engine’s cylinders when no power was required, AFM was able to lower its fuel consumption by half due to its revolutionary design.

However, in 2007, GM revealed AFM problems that increased fuel consumption and caused engine damage. It was determined that inadequate lubrication, ordinary wear and tear, and low oil levels in the system were the primary causes. Consequently, GM was had to recall thousands of vehicles in order to fix the problem.

GM has developed various technologies to enhance the performance and dependability of AFM since then. They have also implemented a monitoring system to guarantee that any potential concerns are quickly discovered and resolved.

GM has continued to invest in the development of AFM technology in order to maintain the fuel efficiency and dependability of their vehicles. Consequently, GM has come a long way from their 2005 debut of AFM.


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