Whats The Size Of A Chevy Colorado Truck Bed?

There are two sizes available for Chevy Colorado truck beds: 61.70 inches and 74 inches. To assist you decide which bed size is best for you, let’s examine the Chevy Colorado’s cab and bed size possibilities.

The bed length of the Extended Cab (Long Box) is 74 inches, so if you’re seeking for a longer bed, this is the correct option for you. Crew Cab (Short Box) offers a bed length of 61.70 inches for individuals desiring a shorter bed size. And if you’re looking for anything in between, the Crew Cab (Long Box) features a 74-inch bed length.

Regardless of the bed size you choose, the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado offers almost 60 bed attachments, allowing you to tailor your truck to your needs. From bed liners to load management systems, you can equip your Chevrolet Colorado with all the necessary amenities for your next expedition.


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