Whats The Best Route From Las Vegas To Lake Tahoe?

If you want to drive from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe, you’re in for an exciting journey! Start by traveling north on U.S. Route 95 from Las Vegas. Take in the breathtaking, awe-inspiring sights of the rugged environment as you go through Red Rock Canyon.

At Amargoza Valley, you should then merge onto Highway 373. This route will take you through Death Valley Junction and far into Death Valley. This national park is full of surprises and a necessary stop on every road trip. Take your time and discover all of Death Valley’s breathtaking attractions.

After completing your exploration of Death Valley, you will be able to move on to Lake Tahoe. Take Highway 395 north and pass into Nevada. Before arriving at your final destination, you will drive via the little towns of Hawthorne and Yerington.

At last, you’ll reach Lake Tahoe! You will encounter breathtaking mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and an expansive sky. Lake Tahoe offers beautiful views and an abundance of outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for an amazing road trip, Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe is your best bet! You’ll be pleased you did.


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