Whats The Best Route From Atlanta To Los Angeles?

What’s up, Jimbeau11! Are you planning to drive from Atlanta to Los Angeles? You’ve arrived to the right location! TripAdvisor has all the information you need to plan a successful road trip.

Regarding your trip, we suggest traveling the I-85/I-65 to the I-10. Even though it is a bit longer than alternative routes, it will keep you clear of potential tornado zones and ensure a safe journey. Those 175 additional miles can make all the difference!

Even if you take the I-85/I-65 to I-10 route, there are still weather considerations to keep in mind. Check the weather forecast in advance and plan accordingly. It is advisable to be prepared in the event of a snowstorm or a thunderstorm, as you do not want to become stranded.

Additionally, ensure that you are well-rested for your journey. Nothing is more dangerous than drowsiness behind the wheel, thus it is essential to get adequate rest before hitting the road.

Ensure that you have packed all the necessary goods for your journey. You do not want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere without a working GPS or spare tire. Don’t forget to bring your favorite snacks and music!

We hope this information assists you in organizing the ideal road trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Have a safe and joyful journey!


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