What Type Of Oil Does The 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Need?

You’re in luck if you drive a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee! The manufacturer has specified the suggested oil type for each of the nine available trims. Simply click on the trim name to obtain the necessary information, including oil type, volume, and frequency of oil changes.

The Laredo trim requires 5W-30 engine oil to start. Limited and Overland models require 5W-20 oil. 5W-30 oil is required for the Special Edition and Special Edition Rocky Mountain Edition. The 60th Anniversary Edition, the Columbia Edition, and the Freedom Edition all call for 5W-20 oil. Additionally, both the Columbia and Rocky Mountain Editions accept 5W-30 oil. Lastly, the High Altitude Edition calls for 5W-20 oil.

Depending on the climate in which you reside, you may be required to use a different type of oil. If you reside in a colder climate, you should choose 5W-30 oil, as it is more suitable for cold temperatures. 5W-20 oil is the optimal choice for warmer areas.

To keep your Grand Cherokee operating smoothly, you must use the correct oil type. Before you head to the auto shop, be sure to double-check the oil type required for your unique trim. You don’t want to find yourself in a sticky scenario later on.


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