What Type Of Oil Does A Jeep Renegade Take?

If you are the proud owner of a Jeep Renegade, you are aware that it is an incredible vehicle. But did you realize that the type of oil used makes a difference? Indeed, it is true! Depending on whatever engine is installed in your Renegade, it may require a different type of oil.

For Renegade models equipped with a 1.4L turbo engine, 91-octane motor oil is required. This rating is recommended by Jeep for optimal performance. You can use oil with a grade as low as 87, but using oil with a rating lower than that can cause serious engine difficulties.

Alternatively, if your Renegade has a 2.4-liter engine, oil with an octane value of 87 is advised.

Check your Renegade’s engine type and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for its motor oil. Although the type of oil may not appear significant, it is essential to follow the rules for optimal engine efficiency and smooth operation.


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