What Speed Is Considered Reckless Driving In Arkansas?

In Arkansas, careless driving is a serious misdemeanor that can result in jail time and substantial penalties. In excess of fifteen miles per hour over the posted speed limit is deemed reckless driving and may result in a citation. But it’s not just speeding that can get you in trouble; there are a number of other behaviors that constitute reckless driving as well.

For example, if you speed through a school zone, residential neighborhood, or construction zone, you are likely to receive a reckless driving citation. Driving too quickly for road conditions or passing on a highway’s shoulder are all dangerous behaviors that might land you in hot water. In addition, passing a car on a hill or bend is prohibited, as is attempting to elude a police officer.

If you are caught driving carelessly in Arkansas, you may face serious penalties. In addition to high penalties and penalty points, you may be required to take a driver improvement course, have your license suspended, or possibly serve time in jail.

In Arkansas, the easiest method to prevent a reckless driving penalty is to adhere to the speed limit and drive cautiously. A few extra seconds spent slowing down in a school zone or construction zone could save you a hefty fine and a great deal of hassle. Therefore, conduct research before to hitting the road, and travel safely!


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