What Should The Transmission Temp Be On A Silverado?

When driving a Silverado, gearbox temperature is a crucial aspect to consider. The transmission’s temperature should be checked to ensure that it does not overheat and cause vehicle damage.

According to one expert, the gearbox of a 2007 Silverado should not reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2011 models, and maybe 10 and 12, shall not surpass 270 degrees Fahrenheit, and must not exceed 285 degrees Fahrenheit. This information was obtained from a straight GM statement. As an added precaution, several retailers have set the maximum temperature limit at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the transmission temperature of the Silverado exceeds the maximum temperature, it can cause damage to the transmission and other automotive components. To ensure that the transmission temperature remains below acceptable limits, drivers should check the transmission temperature often and take pauses as necessary to enable the vehicle to cool.

To learn more about the transmission temperature of a Silverado, drivers can review their vehicle’s handbook or visit with a skilled repair. Additionally, they should be aware of the warning indicators that indicate the temperature has surpassed safe limits, such as the odor of burning oil or an increase in the temperature gauge.

In conclusion, a Silverado’s transmission temperature should not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 2007 vehicles and 270 degrees Fahrenheit for 2011 models. To keep the temperature within acceptable levels, drivers should take frequent breaks to enable the vehicle to cool down and be mindful of the warning indicators that indicate the temperature has surpassed safe limits.


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