What Load Range Tire For 2500Hd?

When selecting tires for a 2500HD, it is essential to select the appropriate load range. The load range of a tire depends on the load capability of each tire and the number of tires placed on a vehicle. A single tire’s load capability is represented by a rating number, such as 121 for a 2500HD. This figure indicates that the tire has a load capability of 3,297 pounds.

When selecting the load range tire for a 2500HD, it is essential to determine the vehicle’s load capability. This is determined by multiplying the load capacity of a single tire by the total number of tires on the vehicle. For a 2500HD, this would be 4 x 3297 pounds, or 13,188 pounds. Consequently, a good load range tire for a 2500HD should have a rating of 121 and a minimum load capacity of 13,188 pounds.

It is also vital to know that the load range of a tire can be altered by the vehicle’s weight and terrain type. Therefore, it is essential to consider these considerations while choosing the appropriate load range tire for a 2500HD.


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