What Is The Lexus Depreciation Rate?

Lexus is the industry leader when it comes to depreciation. The automobiles of the Japanese carmaker are recognized for their high resale value, which means they depreciate far more slowly than other luxury vehicles. In terms of value retention, the RX 350, GS 350, ES 350, and LX 570 all ranked among the Top 10 luxury vehicles.

In fact, Lexus’ reputation for low depreciation rates has earned it the moniker “King of Resale Value.” Lexus vehicles retain their value like no other brand, even after a few years. Lexus is your best bet for a dependable and luxurious automobile that will not cost you an arm and a leg to resell.

Obviously, the exact rate of depreciation differs between models. However, you can rest assured that whichever Lexus you select will retain its value superior to the competition. Ultimately, when it comes to depreciation, Lexus reigns supreme!


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