What Is The Honda Accord 2018 Oil Type?

If you own a 2018 Honda Accord Touring, you must use the correct type of motor oil to maintain engine performance. Depending on the engine code, the oil capacity for the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine ranges from 4.6 to 4 quarts. Consult the manual to see which engine you have. According to the owner’s manual, the suggested oil type for your 2018 Honda Accord Touring is 0w-20 API-certified premium-grade detergent oil.

This type of oil is designed to safeguard your engine from wear and tear while ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency. It also comes with an API certification seal, which is essential because it guarantees that the oil meets or exceeds industry requirements.

Using the incorrect type of oil could have a severe effect on your engine’s performance, so it is essential to use the correct type of oil for your particular engine. Be sure to use the appropriate oil type for your 2018 Honda Accord Touring, which is 0w-20 premium-grade detergent oil with an API certification seal.


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