What Does Ss Mean On A Car?

The SS! As a vehicle fan, those letters inspire awe and enthusiasm. After all, they stand for Super Sport, a package many auto enthusiasts crave.

Let’s examine more closely what SS represents on a car. In 1961, Chevrolet released it as an option package for the Impala. Changes were made to the interior and exterior design and the engine. The SS designation was applied to various cars, including the Camaro and the El Camino. It was manufactured until 2018 when Chevrolet chose to cease production.

But what makes SS so special? The Super Sport package was intended to improve the appearance and performance of vehicles. It combined power, design, and technology to produce a unique product. The Impala SS, for instance, featured a high-output engine, a body-hugging suspension, and a stylish design.

It is not surprising that SS has become such a popular product. Ultimately, it provides high-end performance, looks, and terrific value. This is why so many automobile enthusiasts still aspire to buy a classic SS model.

Therefore, if you ever see the designation SS on a vehicle, you will know it stands for Super Sport. This package has existed for decades and continues to be popular among automobile aficionados. Consequently, the SS abbreviation will continue inspiring drivers for years.


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