What Does Left Turn Yield On Green Mean?

Turning left on a green signal is an excellent method to save time and get to your destination. Before making the turn, you must remember that the color of the traffic light is not the only factor. At congested intersections, the LEFT TURN YIELD ON GREEN road sign reminds drivers that they may make a left turn on a green light, but only after yielding to oncoming traffic.

A fundamental safety practice when executing a left turn is to yield to incoming vehicles. Even if you have the green light, you must wait until the opposing traffic has passed before making a turn. The LEFT TURN YIELD ON GREEN sign serves as a reminder that you must yield to approaching traffic prior to making a left turn.

Some motorists make the error of waiting for a green arrow signal before making a turn. Before making a turn on a green arrow light, it is essential to look for opposing traffic. If traffic is approaching, you must wait for it to pass before proceeding.

Even when the signal is green, you should always watch for pedestrians and bicycles who may be crossing the street. You should not take the right of way for granted simply because you have it.

Turning left on a green light can save you time, but you must yield to oncoming traffic and keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists. The LEFT TURN YIELD ON GREEN sign serves as a reminder of this crucial safety measure.


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