What Does JL Stand for in jeep? Is It the New Code for New Off-Road SUVs?

Jeep has been producing robust and reliable SUVs since 1943. It has built and sold many military and civilian vehicles that became popular across the globe. Jeep introduced the Wrangler series in 1986 and became the market leader in the off-road SUVs segment. People love most SUVs from this brand regardless of their model year.

Jeep Wranglers are mid-size four-wheel drive SUVs. The fourth generation models are currently ruling the market. Jeep introduced those models in 2017. The company produces those SUVs in its Toledo Complex factory and sells them globally.

What Does JL stand for Jeep?

Do you know what does JL stand for Jeep? “JL” is a code given to the new Jeep Wrangler. It means all the Fourth Generation Jeep Wranglers come with that code. Let’s explore the latest Jeep Wrangler model to understand why every driver loves it.

How is Jeep Wrangler JL different from other models?

Off-road SUV enthusiasts would say that the Wrangler JK and JL variants look identical. They have similar exteriors, but both SUVs have different features, and exterior changes are visible.

The latest variant was introduced at an Auto Show that was held in 2017. It became available in 2018, and many Jeep enthusiasts bought this SUV after its launch. Its outstanding characteristics impressed buyers, and they praised its features on various platforms.

Numerous Wrangler JK owners also consider the JL Wrangler variant a more efficient and feature-rich SUV for off-roading. Please continue reading to reveal why this new variant got the JL code and how it is a better pick than JK Wrangler and other old Jeeps. 

Jeep Wrangler JL design

The JL Wrangler variant Jeeps are available as a 2-door Wrangler and 4-door Wrangler. Its exterior design seems inspired by the Wrangler (TJ) produced between 1997 and 2006. You get a raked front grille with round headlamps and 7 vertical slots.

The company logo is not featured on the grille anymore! Besides, you will never be confused about whether it is the JK or JL! Mid-size SUVs from both generations look different.

The latest model got solid axles, a longer wheelbase and tires, and body-on-frame construction. The company is providing its 4th generation SUVs with 3 unique four-wheel drive systems: Selec-Trac, Command-Trac, and Rock-Trac systems.

The new Jeep Wrangler has been built to provide better comfort on-road. Off-road drives are also pretty comfy and are already pretty powerful due to the new engine.

It is 2.5” longer than previous variants, whereas the Wrangler Unlimited is 3.5” longer than previous variants. Designers have shred 90 KG weight to offer better handling, fuel efficiency, and performance on all terrains. Steering Wrangler JL is easy and enjoyable, and fenders make it look more impressive on the road!

Top features that make Jeep Wrangler JL better than its predecessors

The following features make Jeep Wrangler JL an appealing choice for Jeep vehicle owner:

Distinct front grills you cannot ignore those unique grills when assessing the JL variant of Jeep Wrangler. The new Jeep Wrangler JL got a 7-slot grille, and all variants come with similar grills. Besides, the spacing seems larger between grille slots compared to previous variants. A minor curve at the center of the grilles gives them a perfect look.

New grills might not be a major attraction for many people, but they improve the overall appeal of the new SUV cars. The logo has disappeared from the front grille, but anyone can identify that it’s the most famous off-road SUV!

·         Front fender lights

Designers have integrated headlights into the front fenders to provide better visibility to all drivers. There is no other variant that comes with such round headlights. Only JL variants got this feature.

Those front fender lights have become the brand’s unique identity for new off-road SUVs. If those headlights are not there, you should know that it is an older variant, and if you spot those lights, it is a Jeep Wrangler JL! 

·         Impressive manual transmission

People have been driving Jeep’s off-road SUVs for many decades. They expect better performance from new models than from previous ones. Many users were complaining about the Wrangler JK variant’s poor driving features. Therefore, the company offered its 4th gen Wranglers a better manual transmission.

Jeep engineers have made several important changes to ensure the new Wrangler drives smoothly and jeep lover can easily identify the difference. It feels much lighter when you are driving it manually. You get a telescopic steering wheel, which helps users recognize the most comforting driving posture.

·         Roomy interior

When you assess Jeep Wrangler JL’s interior, it feels much wider and larger. Designers paid special attention to the SUV’s interior to make that interior more comfortable for the driver. The space inside the SUV has improved. It feels more like a luxury car interior than an off-roading SUV designed to run over rough terrains!

·         Door handles

JL models got door handles similar to Wrangler JK models. Those handles seem invisible to onlookers. Exterior designers have made some good styling changes to equip more stylish handles.

JL models got door handles similar to Wrangler JK models. Wrangler JK models came with a button that users must press to open the vehicle’s gate. Many buyers have reported that new handles are more functional and user-friendly than JK Wrangler handles. Therefore, it is a noticeable feature that most buyers admire.

You can also carry a spare tire on the backside door of the SUV. It won’t block the view of the backup camera. A robust body, great ground clearance, spare tire, and other features make Wrangler JL an impressive SUV!

Why has made Jeep Wrangler JL so popular among buyers?

Jeep has sold many units of Wrangler’s latest 4th Generation JL models. The following features made it pretty popular among buyers:

·         Stylish design

Most buyers are drawn to the latest model because of its appealing design. This SUV’s body styling is unique and draws most onlookers. Its iconic exterior looks somewhat similar to the 1986 variant. There are not too many similarities, but Jeep fans can recognize them.

The new model looks like a much-improved version of the initial Wrangler models. Many buyers chose it due to its appealing looks, trademark power, stylish fenders, cutting-edge instruments, and other features that make it much better.

·         Removable panels

People have often seen door-less off-road cars. Many car owners plan to remove those doors to offer their future SUVs a unique appeal. Jeep Wrangler is the only SUV that allows owners to remove side panels, windshields, and doors. 

Those who want to feel the air while driving in remote areas, should choose the JL Wrangler. Removing soft top, windshields, doors, and side panels are pretty easy. Many video guides are available on the internet that Jeep’s JL Wrangler owners can check to get rid of unnecessary parts.

·         Eco-Diesel engine

This feature has drawn many buyers who only preferred diesel engine wagons. The latest Wrangler edition comes with a 3.0-litre turbocharged EcoDiesel engine. It is the same engine as the Ram-1500.

The engine is capable of producing 260 horsepower and 442 lb-ft torque. The JL model delivers smooth torque and keeps the rev range low to pass the power efficiently. A typical pickup truck can never match features offered by Wrangler JL! It is a perfect vehicle for low-speed drives across rough and remote areas. Since the vehicle got lighter, its fuel economy has also improved and drawn many new buyers seeking more fuel-efficient options.

·         Better accessibility

Jeep is offering 2-door convertible and 4-door convertible models of the latest 4th Gen Wrangler. The 4-door model is more convenient for off-roading with friends. The 2-door convertible edition seems more stylish because it offers more space on the rear side of the SUV.

Drivers can remove the roof and doors to convert the SUV into a rough off-road rear. That would be risky to do on the road, but driving the vehicle slowly on rough terrain should not be an issue. The push button start ensures you get going immediately.

Passengers can easily get inside the vehicle and access indoor features on their comforting seats. New Jeeps are equipped with all the modern amenities, and you must remove the roof to enjoy fascinating rides in remote areas.

·         Equipped with modern tech

Being the latest generation SUV, Jeep Wrangler JL comes with many advanced tech gadgets. It got the latest infotainment system along with a 5.0” touchscreen display. There is a push button start feature in all new models. This push button starts feature makes it super easy to start.

Suppose you choose the Sahara edition; you will get a slightly larger 7.0” touchscreen display. Drivers can readily navigate roads to reach the desired location. A backup camera, stylish signal lights, and many other cutting-edge features make the infotainment system more entertaining for new JL wrangler buyers. 

Top reasons to consider the latest Jeep Wrangler JL SUVs over Wrangler JK

The Wrangler JL is the new generation of Jeep off-road SUVs. It includes several models that are designed differently. New Jeep models are costlier and significantly improved over JK, TJ, and other older variants from the same brand. Prefer a new Wrangler JL because:

·         It’s an American Icon!

Jeep Wrangler is an American icon. It has served the US Military personnel with a robust body, and then the company launched a new range of off-road SUVs for common buyers. Numerous Americans, Europeans, and buyers from other countries chose this vehicle to drive an SUV with no roof! Today, they claim to be proud owners of Jeep wagons.

Buy this vehicle if you want to join the Jeep community. It will be a unique pick due to its distinctive design, great capabilities, and modern features.

·         It’s killing all competitors

Numerous Wranglers are running on American roads. Jeep is the most popular brand when it comes to selling off-road wagons. SUVs from competitor brands are rarely spotted due to the popularity of the JL edition.

Chevy Tracker and Suzuki Samurai were Jeep Wrangler’s major competitors. Most people have forgotten them.

Wrangler rules the off-road vehicle market because of its features. Therefore, most off-road vehicle seekers choose the latest JL edition over its competitors.

·         It’s customizable

Many people modify their roadsters to own a unique off-road Wrangler. If you want to buy an SUV with great customization features, acquire a Jeep Wrangler JL now! It will be a costly undertaking, but your vehicle will impress thousands! 

·         Drive anywhere you want

Jeep has provided many options for the armed forces. The civilian Jeep SUVs were introduced with the same passion. The latest Jeep Wrangler JL SUVs can go anywhere you want. You can use it to reach remote areas where roads are not quite good. This SUV will provide a smooth ride and won’t malfunction like other modern vehicles.


Jeep has reached many new markets across the globe. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has played an important role in this brand’s success.Chrysler has been popular among buyers due to its unique design, stylish interior, impressive signal lights, and powerful body.

Now, buyers can acquire a Jeep SUV fresh out of the factory and drive it in their home countries.

Jeep “JL” represents the latest generation of Wrangler SUVs. Wrangler JK represents old-generation Jeep vehicles; this company always picks such codes for its new vehicles. So, check the model year by reading the SUV’s code and buy it.


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