What Does It Cost To Get A Dodge Durango Lifted?

If you’re seeking to upgrade your Dodge Durango, you have a few options – and a range of prices. Typically, a body lift kit costs between $250 to $4,000 and may raise a vehicle by up to three inches. This is an excellent technique to give your car a boost without going overboard. Suspension lift systems, on the other hand, can raise your Dodge Durango by up to five or six inches for a higher price. These kits typically vary from $500 to $7,000 in price.

What is the distinction between body lift kits and suspension lift kits? In essence, a body lift kit is a spacer that is installed between the vehicle’s body and frame. It is the more economical choice and is perfect for those seeking a modest lift. Suspension lift kits are more expensive and change the suspension system. They can also provide additional advantages, such as improved ride quality and enhanced stability.

Regardless of the type of lift kit you select, be sure to conduct comprehensive research on the company or store from which you intend to purchase. Finding a trustworthy vendor is crucial, since you don’t want to pay for a kit that doesn’t fit or operate as advertised. In addition, many raise kits require professional installation, which might increase the price.

Ultimately, the cost of having your Dodge Durango lifted is determined by the type of lift kit you select and the desired height of the elevation. A body lift kit is more reasonably priced than a suspension lift kit. It is essential to conduct research, choose a trusted vendor, and consider installation costs.


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