What Does Ford Axle Code B6 Mean?

Ah, the mysterious Ford axle code B6 – it’s enough to make any automobile aficionado scratch their head. However, we’re here to help you understand it.

What exactly does B6 mean? It indicates that you own a late-model Ford F150 (or a comparable vehicle) with a limited slip differential with a 3.73 ratio. Indeed, Ford reused some codes across multiple model years, so the same code may apply to multiple vehicles.

For those who are unfamiliar, a limited slip differential is essentially a sort of transmission that distributes power evenly to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to maintain traction while moving. The 3.73 ratio refers to the number of axle shaft revolutions required to turn the wheels one full revolution.

Ford employs a series of letters and numbers in addition to the axle code to designate the axle type, such as B6A for an F150 with a limited slip differential and a 3.73:1 ratio.

In conclusion, if your Ford axle code is B6, you have a late-model F150 (or comparable vehicle) with a limited slip differential and a 3.73:1 gear ratio. Quite cool, eh? Now you know what it signifies, thanks to Ford’s convenient axle codes!


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