What Are The Most Common Problems With The Mazda Rx8?

The Mazda RX8 features a number of typical faults that can leave owners scratching their heads. The most prevalent fault is due to the 13B Renesis engine, which is infamous for being unreliable. Prior to reaching 100,000 miles, numerous RX8s must be rebuilt due to the following five common issues.

First, the apex seals often leak. When the apex seals fail to keep the rotor housing sealed, the engine can become imbalanced and lose power. This is a costly repair, but it is important to maintain the engine’s functionality.

Second, ignition coil failure is a regular RX8 engine problem. Due to age and wear, the ignition coils can fail, causing the engine to run roughly and misfire. This can result in decreased fuel efficiency and increased emissions.

Thirdly, the oil control valve (OCV) can become stuck, resulting in excessive oil usage. The OCV is responsible for regulating the amount of oil delivered to the engine, and if it becomes stuck, the engine may consume more oil than it should.

Fourth, the crankshaft position sensor can fail, resulting in a stalled engine. The crankshaft position sensor is responsible for monitoring the engine’s speed; if it fails, the engine may not receive accurate readings, which can cause it to stall.

Finally, the spark plugs can become fouled, which can cause the engine to run rough and misfire. This is typically the result of oil seeping onto the spark plugs, which can clog them with debris.

These are the five most prevalent issues with the 13B Renesis engine in the Mazda RX8, and they can all result in costly repairs. Despite the fact that the RX8 can be a superb vehicle, it is necessary to watch out for these potential engine problems.


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