What Are The Best Tires For The Dodge Charger?

If you’re wanting to upgrade the tires on your Dodge Charger, you’ve come to the perfect spot! We have information on the finest tires for each Charger model.

The recommended tire size for the SE, SXT, Rallye, and R/T models is 215/65R17. These are a dependable and durable option for all-season performance. Even on rainy roads, they offer superior grip and handling.

The 225/60R18 tires, the next size up, are an excellent choice for all-season driving. They give a ride that is well-balanced between comfort and traction.

The 235/55R18 tires are an excellent alternative for SRT8 cars. They provide excellent grip and responsiveness, while yet giving you a comfortable ride.

The 235/55R19 tires will undoubtedly offer a very remarkable performance if you desire one. These tires provide exceptional grip, comfort, and traction, making them ideal for all-season driving.

When it comes to high-performance tires, the 245/45R20 tires are a superb choice. They blend good handling and grip with a comfortable ride.

Lastly, the 275/40R20 tires are unsurpassed in terms of performance. These tires provide higher grip and handling, as well as enhanced wet-weather traction.

Regardless of the tire size you select, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality tires for your Dodge Charger. Choose the appropriate tire size and begin to appreciate your vehicle like never before!


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