Walmart Car Battery Warranty – Read This Before You Purchase

Are you planning to purchase a Walmart automobile battery life and wondering about your guarantee? My son was operating at Walmart for a couple of decades, therefore for this article he’ll be my chief source of advice backed up by studying your site. I will continue to keep this super easy so it is possible to navigate around and discover the info that you require.

Speedy hint: if you are going to get a new battery out of Walmart, then make sure you copy the recipe and then attach it to your files in the glove compartment. Printed recipe amounts can evaporate through time, and that means you need to maintain a copy.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Explanation

This will differ for every battery, therefore read the description before buying or in your existing battery.

Walmarts Everystart batteries incorporate a 5-year guarantee, the very first couple of years you’ll be given a complimentary battery in case something happens to the initial one. The previous 2 years for a more pro-rated price on the following battery buy.

What exactly does prorated questions imply?

A pro-rated warranty is based on this specific formula.

(Age of battery life) Divided by 60 days the cost of the new battery.

So, in the case that you purchased your battery 3 decades and 5 months earlier, the age will be equivalent to 41 weeks, and let’s say the cost of your new battery is 100:

41/60 * 100 = 68,33 $

68.33 would later be the cost of your new battery. You can calculate it yourself or use my own calculator below.

Walmart Pro-Rata Battery Warranty Calculator

Don’t worry, you don’t have to tackle any math now! The calculator is here to help you!

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If you’re like me and don’t like math in any way, this semi-automatic battery warranty calculator from Walmart can help you calculate the price of your Walmart battery using the formula above.

Can the new battery I receive as a replacement include your new warranty, effectively simplifying a warranty?

The short answer is not because your old warranty is taken.

To reinstate Walmart’s warranty procedure, you must purchase a new battery at full cost. There are many men and women who send in claims for it but it really makes a lot of sense because Walmart can’t give away free batteries. However, it should be mentioned in the next purchase of this battery; unfortunately, it can be omitted or left out.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to keep your warranty.

How to talk to a Walmart employee about maintaining your warranty

Before you leave, you should know how to process workers and Walmart. I’ve seen a lot of complaints regarding the warranty, support and all that stuff at Walmart, but I think it’s important that you do your job until you file a complaint as well.

What I mean by this is that Wallmart workers are not graduated with Walmart’s warranty and coverages; they probably got a brief overview of the fundamental warranty they provide on many items, which will normally be 90 days.

That means they have no idea how Walmart’s battery warranty works, so it’s up to them to keep company and let you understand what your coverage really is. Don’t be rude, approach them in a respectful but firm manner.

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If you tried the grand strategy and didn’t get help, call your supervisor. The supervisor will address the problem often and help you. If this doesn’t work, embarrass them and then file a complaint or contact your customer service. I will explain the best way to do this in the FAQ section.

My experience with the entire Walmarts car battery warranty

I have used Walmart for both the setup and the vendor of my Ford because of their presence, and I must say I have never had any unpleasant encounters together. I make sure that you store my prescription safely in your program or in the glove section as stated above.

Approaching them in a favorable manner and understanding what my rights were has solved my problem. I reside in a more compact city, so the men and women who work there know me personally, which could affect my excellent experience, but I believe that if you have my guidance in mind, you will make more progress in your endeavor. The workers are individuals, if you treat them well, they will treat you well, at least in many cases.


Do I want a Walmart battery warranty receipt?

No, in the event that you have purchased an Everstart battery from Walmart, then it will be regulated for the stated warranty period without a battery.

If you return to the same store where you purchased the battery in the first area, you can give them the date of purchase and they can find the receipt for you. When you have the serial number on your battery, then you should gather it, as it can help you in your recipe search.

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Can Wal-Mart replace car batteries?

Yes, in the event that you have purchased the battery from Walmart, they can install it at no charge, however that can only be done at the Walmart Automobile Care Center location. You must bring the battery to this location, as they do not purchase or ship replacement parts.

Will my car need a battery?

It is possible to see if you will need a new battery by analyzing the current battery voltage, then this can easily be accomplished with a multimeter. There are some signals that your car will provide once it is time to change the battery life. The most common signals are the LED battery illumination on your vehicle’s display and also a slow starting car that also makes a “rur rur” noise.

Where do I file a complaint with Walmart?

If you have had poor customer service and did not receive your warranty as guaranteed, you can file a complaint at the bottom of the page and you can also get it (here).

When you have additional questions, please refer to the comments section or consult the Walmarts battery guide.

I trust you have found this Walmart automatic battery warranty manual useful in case you can discuss it with friends and family on Facebook or even Pinterest.


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