How to Reset a Brake Warning Light

How to Reset Parking Brake Light?

If you turn the ignition, several symbols are displayed on the car dash in several colors which makes you wonder whether it is a vacation. The parking brake lighting is among those symbols to inform you if the parking brake is off or on.

Normally, the lights will be on while the parking brake is on. But sometimes the light may stop working normally and remain on even after the parking brake is removed.

Such circumstances may signal a malfunction of your parking brake system. But here is the way you are able to reset the parking brake light properly to figure out this dilemma.

The Parking Brake Light [Explanation]

The parking brake light on the dashboard of the car serves as a signal from the parking brake system. In the first case, the thought behind the parking brake was to block the car in case the primary brake system collapsed.

First function of the indicator light.

The first function of this light when it is on is to indicate that the hand brake system is activated, and is the function that is most related to it because it is always evident that it goes off at the time we release the hand brake lever. The warning is based on the fact that if you wheel the car with the hand brake partially or slightly activated in a few kilometers the brakes will overheat causing in the end that the braking efficiency is almost zero preventing the descent of the vehicle, that is, we can run out of brakes.

Second function of the indicator light.

This second function is related to the level of brake fluid in the container that supplies fluid to the main brakes pump, it is essential as we have seen in previous articles that there is a good amount of this liquid in the pump because it is the one that moves the pressure on the brake pedal to the wheels through pipes, so that if there is no liquid there is no means by which to transmit braking pressure.

The pistons in the brake calipers and auxiliary pumps expand in their respective cylinders as the brake pads and shoes wear, so the level in the container can drop too low causing there is not enough liquid for the proper functioning of the main pump, in addition to this the system may be vulnerable to leakage by seals or hoses that produce a drop in the level quickly.

Thus we found in the container of brake fluid a sensor that also has the option of turning on the light if the brake fluid level is close or below the minimum in which case even when the hand brake is off we will need to check the level of brake fluid and if necessary fill with the indicated.

Steps For Resetting The Parking Brake Light

To readjust the handbrake light, begin with identifying the issue of this malfunction. When the issue was identified, proceed to cure it. Follow the tips below to repair your own parking brake system.

Step 1. Double-Checking the Handle

Some reason behind the parking brake light staying on maybe because you didn’t fully lower the handle. The handle has to be lowered properly to fully release the brake.

Therefore, checking the handle could be a fantastic thought before falling completely into thoughts about how much the repair will cost.

Step 2. Adding Brake Fluid

In the event the master cylinder fluid reservoir receives the appropriate amount of brake fluid, then the parking brake cannot be triggered. The brake fluid is liable to your braking system to function properly.

Thus, brake fluid deficiency may easily halt the parking brake from being engaged, causing the light to malfunction.

Step 3. Repairing a Brake Fluid Leak

Another reason your brake can mistake is the use of brake fluid from your automobile. Because brake fluid provides the capability to stop a car, if a leak induces each liquid to emerge, your car will almost surely lose this skill.

Therefore, if you find any fluid under your car or truck, visit the brake fluid reservoir. If it’s practically empty, then the reason may be a brake leak.

Step 4. Fixing the Parking Brake Switch

Like every other switch that turns into a mild, the parking brake switch also receives the capability to turn the parking brake lighting on your dashboard, indicating the activation of the parking brake.

Consequently, if your parking brake light keeps blinking or remains lit, then a malfunctioned switch could be why. It might occur because of the inner plumbing damages. Moreover, the bulbs in the dashboard may have defected.

Step 5. Mending the Faulty Brake Sensors

Brake sensors are responsible for notifying you of the status of your brake system. You will be shown, while the brake fluid goes down in the reservoir along with the parking brake is triggered while driving.

Occasionally, the sensors may be defective and send incorrect signals. Therefore, even if your entire brake system is in excellent condition, it may trigger the parking brake light to stay on.

Step 6. Fixing the Anti-Lock Braking System

When you’ve checked all the removed repairments, another potential reason for a faulty parking brake light might be a faulty ABS.

ABS is an intricate structure composed of computers and detectors. When there’s a defect in ABS, the parking brake lighting will probably turn on, giving you a warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my warning light on?

When your car’s brake warning light comes on, it tells you that something is wrong with the braking system.

How do I turn my parking brake warning light off?

Releasing the brake pedal can turn off the brake light. Some vehicles release the parking brake when shifting out of park.


The parking brake warning light is a strong indicator that tells you the status of the parking brake. But, as with other digital devices, the parking brake light will stop if something goes wrong. Whatever the reason, the difficulties behind the fault must be dealt with quickly.

Thus, you can either address the problems yourself by accepting the guidance we provide or turn to an expert if the problems seem too crucial. In any case, repairs to this parking brake system should take priority over anything else. So, learn how to readjust your parking brake lights and make sure you protect yours along with others.


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