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Akebono Proact vs Performance

Akebono Proact vs Performance

Even if you don’t have much knowledge about Akebono, you may have heard about those brakes before. Needless to say, both car enthusiasts and cyclists alike are enthusiastic about the brakes this manufacturer produces. They are among the first to implement ceramic friction technology and are among the brands that offer the best performance, life …

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How to Bleed Your Brakes

how to bleed brakes

This exercise should be done when necessary, either for failure or for prevention, in case of replacement of some element, or when the circuit is opened for any repair. There are different methods for bleeding the brakes, some of them very advanced, such as those using pressure devices or other types, although these testing systems …

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How to get the air out of brake lines without bleeding

How To Get Air Out Of Brake Lines Without Bleeding

If you use your vehicle regularly, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered several problems with your brakes. Most commonly, the brakes feel smooth when you step on the brake pedal. This is mostly due to brake line problems, and bleeding the brakes usually solves the problem. This exercise should be done when necessary, either for …

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Callahan Brake Parts Review

Callahan Brake Parts Review

Say bye to that terrible brake dust. That’s because Callahan brake parts are there to help you enjoy a pleasant driving experience. You’re probably wondering if brake parts are really important. Let me tell you something: Safety is the most important thing, my friend! And a little inconvenience with these little pieces can cause a …

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Easiest Cars to Work On

easiest cars to work on

Buying a car involves doing numbers and accounts to, in some way, know the magnitude of the operation that the driver is facing. To the price, we must add other figures for necessary services such as those derived from taxes, consumption, car insurance, or maintenance. This last point adds a multitude of added costs throughout the useful life of the vehicle. Not in vain, manufacturers …

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