Open Toyota Camry Trunk Without a Key |

Open Toyota Camry Trunk Without a Key

Hello! You are worried because you forget to take your keys out of the trunk. This is a common situation especially when you are working a lot.

But do not worry. We will help you and tell you the useful tricks that will help you to open the Toyota Camry trunk without a key. It is very easy and can be done within no time.

Read the article carefully, if you want to retrieve your keys from the trunk. The following methods will be helpful for you. You can try any one of these to get back your keys.

Open Toyota Camry Trunk Without a Key

Method no. 1: By folding the rear bench:

This is the best method to access your keys. But this method is only applicable if your Toyota Camry rear sears can be folded. To open the Camry trunk using this method you should open the doors of your car and check out if the car’s rear seats can be folded or not. If yes, then proceed to the next step.

Now, locate the two hooks on the backside. By pulling these two hooks you will be able to detach the seat lock. It will be better for you to seek a professional’s help or a person who is experienced to open the door in this way because this is the tricky method.

After detaching the seat lock, you can fold the rear seats against the front seats. When you have done this, now you can easily creep into the Toyota Camry’s trunk to pull the yellow-colored handle.

Pulling the handle, the Camry’s trunk will be opened without using keys.

But this method is time taking and can only be used if you are not in hurry. Sometimes, we forget our keys and are in hurry to open the car’s trunk in this case you can look for other methods that can be useful for you.

Method no. 2: By removing the door cylinder lock:

This method is going to be tough but you can do it with a little bit of care and precautions. At first, you will need to mask your door with tape. So, that the car’s paint is not scratched. It will be best for you to watch any video tutorial before opening the door.

Take off the plastic plug on the driver’s door. It is located in level to the door handle and when the door is closed it will be found facing towards the B-column. All you need to do is to take it off.

Now find a screw through the hole, and look for a suitable screwdriver that will easily loosen the screw. Be careful while following this method. You should keep in mind the screws and other things you take off because you need to put all the things back.

After complete, the second step, pull the handle to reach the key cylinder. Now take off the key cylinder from the socket. It will be a little bit tricky because our key cylinders are tightly fit in the socket.

When you bring out the key cylinder try to find the plus-shaped car lock and in the socket, you will find a similar shape that fits the key cylinder into the socket.

Now, you have to insert the flat-headed screwdriver to put it into the plus shape of the socket, right where the key cylinder sets. After inserting the key cylinder into the slot, rotate the screwdriver in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to open unlock the trunk.

Carry on! You are about to open the trunk. Just press the trunk release button and you will be done.

After finding the keys you will need to set all the things back to the right place to bring your car back to the right working condition. It will be difficult to set all the things back then to take off the things. Proceed with the following steps to place all the things back in their right position.

First of all, place the key cylinder back by raising the handle of the door. Make sure, that you are placing it in the socket at the right angle. It will take time do not lose your temper.

You can place it in the dentition of the socket by inserting the key in the lock and then rotating the key gently till the key cylinder sets into its right place.

Now try to tighten the screw without removing the key from the lock. Just rotate the screw and tighten it strongly and in the end, place the plug cover into its place.

You have found your keys by opening the trunk and everything is back in its right place. Be confident while proceeding with the steps of the method.

Method no. 3: By removing the screw of the license plate:

This method is one of the best methods. And is useful in emergencies.

Remove the left screw of the number plate of the 2002 Toyota Camry.

Then insert the tip of the screwdriver into the trunk through the hole of the screwdriver. Insert the tool into the trunk to touch the trim of the license plate light.

When you feel that the tip of the screwdriver is touching the hook, pull the hook by using the tip of your screwdriver to unlock your trunk. Replace the screw of the license plate and open the trunk.

After the trunk is open the next step is to approach the passenger part of the car. You can do this by releasing the back latch of the seat. You can see the back latch if there is space in the trunk of your car or you can feel it. The latch is located in the section of each folding seat near the upper edge of the trunk cavity. If you want to release a latch use a small screwdriver insert it on the left side of the latch from inside the trunk and move it down to open and the latch will be released.

Hopefully, these methods will help you to open your Toyota Camry’s trunk without keys.


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