Is Lane Splitting Legal In Texas?

Despite the apparent benefits for riders, lane splitting, which occurs when a motorbike rides between traffic lanes or rows, is forbidden in Texas. Unfortunately, Texas has been reluctant to understand the benefits of lane splitting, although other states, such as California, have passed laws permitting it.

In December 2019, Texas State Senator Kirk Watson introduced a bill that would have legalized lane splitting in Texas, however the bill failed to pass. Although the bill was a step in the right direction, it was insufficient to solve the safety concerns related with lane splitting. For instance, the idea would have restricted riders to a maximum speed of 15 mph, even while traffic is moving at a far slower rate.

Priority number one should be safety when it comes to lane splitting. Therefore, it is essential that legislation exist to ensure that motorcyclists can safely lane split. A legislation that only permits lane splitting when traffic is traveling at a specific pace, for instance, would ensure that motorcyclists do not place themselves in a hazardous scenario.

Until Texas approves a law permitting lane splitting, riders must adhere to the current restrictions and refrain from engaging in the activity. Despite the fact that lane splitting might be advantageous for bikers, safety should always come first. Current Texas regulations make it abundantly apparent that lane splitting is prohibited and should not be practiced.


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