Is Afm Delete Worth It?

AFM delete is an excellent method for reducing the cost of AFM-related repairs. It prevents costly repairs and improves the sound of the exhaust. Active Fuel Management (AFM) is a fuel-saving technique employed by General Motors. It reduces fuel usage by deactivating four cylinders while the vehicle is not under load.

When AFM is disabled, your vehicle will remain in V8 mode, meaning that all eight cylinders will be operational at all times. This will result in enhanced power and performance, as well as an improved exhaust note. The system will no longer deactivate four cylinders while the vehicle is not under load, resulting in fuel savings.

In conclusion, AFM deletion is worthwhile since it saves money on repairs, improves exhaust sound, and boosts engine power and performance. It is better to disable the AFM system, as this is far simpler and less expensive than physically removing it. It is an excellent preventive maintenance technique that should be performed routinely to guarantee that your car is operating at peak performance.


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