I Was Given A Speeding Ticket But Did Not Get My License Backwhat Should I Do?

It’s not the end of the world if you have received a speeding citation but have not received your license back. You should contact the organization that provided the ticket and explain the circumstance. They should be able to confirm that your license was not confiscated for being invalid, and then put you in touch with the officer who issued the citation so he can return it to you, or with their evidence room, where it will be categorized as found property.

It is essential to be patient and courteous when interacting with the authorities. Explain the situation in a clear and simple manner, and be sure to provide them all the information they need to assist you. You may be required to enter your driver’s license number, your ticket number, and additional identifying information.

Check to determine if the agency has an online option for reporting complaints if the officer who issued the ticket is unresponsive. Complaining can help guarantee that your case is treated seriously and improve your chances of having your license reinstated in a timely way.

Contact the DMV in your state and explain the situation if everything else fails. They can help you determine the next measures to take.

Regardless of the circumstances, never give up hope! You should be able to reclaim your license with persistence and tenacity. Good luck!


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