How To Use Brake Cleaner?

Using brake cleaner is a terrific way to clean your brakes quickly and efficiently, but it must be used correctly to protect your safety. Here is detailed advice on how to use brake cleaner safely:

  1. Begin by jacking up your vehicle and securing it with jack stands so that you have complete access to the brakes.
  2. Put on your protective eyewear.
  3. Spread out some shop rags or buckets to collect the contaminated flow.
  4. Spray brake cleaner on the brakes, keeping the can at least six inches away from the brakes.
  5. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes to break down any dirt, grime, or brake fluid.
  6. Utilize a brush to remove any residue.
  7. After cleaning the brakes, rinse them with water and allow them to dry.
  8. Reinstall the tires and lower the vehicle.

When used as suggested, brake cleaner is an effective technique to clean brakes quickly and easily. Remember to use eye protection at all times and to keep the can at least six inches away from the brakes. In addition, be sure to mop up any spills with shop rags or containers, and then rinse the brakes with water. Following these instructions will ensure the cleanliness and safety of your brakes.


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