How To Unlock Toyota Camry Trunk Without Key |

How To Unlock Toyota Camry Trunk Without Key

Hello! I know why you are here. You have lost your keys and are trying to find any useful and helpful technique that will be enough to solve your problem. On the internet, you will find many ways to unlock the trunk without using your keys.

But many of these techniques are not working for you to open the trunk of your new Toyota Camry. We know that you are worried about spending a lot of money to get your trunk unlocked without the keys.

Carry on reading the article carefully because these techniques are going to be very useful for you without damaging your car.

How To Unlock Toyota Camry Trunk Without Key

First Technique:

  • Take off the left screw of the license plate of the Toyota Camry.
  • You will see a hole in the place of the screwdriver. Lodge into the screw or wedge through the hole and let it touch the trim of the lights of the license plate.
  • Use the tip of the tool to feel the hook present in the trunk and pull it with the help of your tool.
  • After the trunk is open the next step is to get access to the passenger compartment of the car. You can do this by releasing the back latch of the seat. The latch is located in the section of each folding seat near the upper edge of the trunk cavity.
  • Release a latch using a screwdriver. Lodge it on the left side of the latch from inside the trunk and move it down to open.

You are done when the latch is opened and it will be an easy procedure that will give you access to the passenger compartment and will unlock the trunk for you.

Second Technique:

  • At first, you will need to mask your door with tape. So, that the car’s paint is not scratched.
  • Detach the plastic plug on the driver’s door, located in level to the handle of the door. All you need to do is to bring it out.
  • Loosen the screw using the screwdriver, through the hole from where you take off the plug.
  • Approach the key cylinder by pulling the door’s handle.
  • Displace the key cylinder from the dentition.
  • Using the screwdriver, press the + shaped dentition in the pocket by rotating the screwdriver.

When you get back your keys, fix all the things back to their right position. Screw the handle tightly when you are done with setting up all the things.

Third Technique:

This technique will only be applicable for you if the rear seats of your Toyota Camry can be folded.

  • Check if your seats can be folded or not.
  • Look for the hooks on the backside of the rear seats.
  • Pull these hooks to detach the seat lock.
  • Fold the rear seats of the car.
  • Crawl into the trunk of your car.
  • Press the hook situated near the lock of the trunk.

The trunk is opened now.

Expectantly, this article has solved your problems and now you can open your trunk without any difficulty in case if you forget your keys in the trunk or have lost them. This is common practice that people forget their keys and resultantly they have to go through different problems. If you choose any of the above-mentioned methods to unlock the trunk. Make sure that you know the proper use of screwdrivers and use them gently. Always use these techniques patiently. Because we all know that haste makes waste. Seek professional help if necessary.

Here are some practices that will be helpful for you not to forget keys anywhere. Let’s see these precautions that you can make your habit if you do not want to face the same situation of opening the trunk with a lot of effort.

Tips to avoid losing your keys:

Check before you leave:

Always check your pockets before leaving your house or office or any public place. It will help you to remind, not to forget your keys.

Use keyrings:

Use keyrings to keep your keys altogether. If you do not use a keyring for your keys. It is most likely to lose them often. So keyrings can help you a lot to keep your keys with you.

Keep spare keys:

If you lost your keys a lot then buying spare keys for your car is the second solution to avoid losing your keys. If you lose your keys, these spare keys will help you to open the doors of the car and trunk in an emergency and you will not have to try these methods to get your trunk open. These are time-taking and need a lot of effort.

Bluetooth trackers:

This is an era of technology. So, make most of the advance technical facilities. You can always use a Bluetooth tracker that will help you to locate your keys and will also be a reminder for you. So that you can remember where you have kept your keys.

Many gadgets produce a sound to make you alert if you go away from the keys. You can always put these kinds of gadgets to assist you.

Keyring holders:

Nowadays, you can see different types of catchy holders that are not used to hang the keyrings only but also act as a decorative piece that decorates your walls. If you will continuously use these holders as the only place to keep your keys then you will become habitual. Hence, there will be fewer chances of losing or misplacing the keys.

Use Drawers:

The majority of people use drawers to keep their important things in it. You can always use your drawer to keep your rings. But make sure that you have removed every extra material from the drawer that you are going to utilize for your keys.

Because if there will be a lot of material in the drawer it will be harder for you to look for the keys in so much clutter or most probably that you will not find your keys.


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