How To Turn Off Transport Mode Chevy 2022?

Transportation mode is a function on Chevrolet, GMC, and GM vehicles that helps preserve battery life while in transit. This mode is started as soon as the car’s battery is disconnected or the ignition is turned off. While Transportation mode can be advantageous, some individuals may wish to disable it. Here is how you accomplish this on a Chevrolet 2022.

The initial step is locating the fuse box. This is located in the engine compartment near the battery. Once the fuse box has been discovered, check for the “Transport Mode” fuse. Typically, this is a yellow or red fuse. The Transportation mode has been deactivated by removing the fuse.

Start the engine and check the dashboard to confirm that the Transportation mode has been disengaged. If the dashboard displays “Transport Mode Deactivated,” the feature has been successfully deactivated.

It is essential to reinstall the fuse once the car has arrived at its final location. This will ensure that the Transportation mode is once again engaged and that your battery is not depleted.

In conclusion, deactivating Transportation mode on a Chevrolet 2022 vehicle is pretty simple. You only need to locate and remove the “Transport Mode” fuse. When the automobile has reached its destination, reinstalling the fuse will ensure that the feature is reactivated and the battery is protected.


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