How To Turn Off Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror?

Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are an excellent technique to lessen glare from oncoming headlights. You may easily deactivate the auto-dimming feature if you would rather that the mirror maintain its current brightness. Only a flashlight and some black electrical tape are required.

To identify the sensors, you will need to sweep a flashlight across the mirror. The sensors appear as little squares on the mirror’s reverse. After locating the sensors, cover them with a thin piece of black electrical tape to block them. This will prevent the sensors from recognizing the light, preventing the auto-dimming of your mirrors. The auto-dimming feature of your rearview mirror has been deactivated.

This is a straightforward method for deactivating the auto-dimming rearview mirror. You may avoid the annoyance of a continually changing rear view mirror’s brightness with a few simple measures. When you want to disable the auto-dimming feature, simply locate the sensors with a flashlight and cover them with black electrical tape.


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