How To Tell What Trim Your Silverado Is?

Identifying the trim level of your Silverado is essential to comprehending the capabilities and amenities of your vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number is the most accurate way to determine the trim level of a Silverado (VIN). The tenth character of a vehicle’s VIN indicates the trim level. Depending on the brand and model, the character could be a number, letter, or special character.

Additionally, you can look for stickers within or on the cabin that indicate which features are standard. For instance, a sticker that reads “Supercharged” indicates that the engine or turbocharger on this particular model has been updated. Similarly, a sticker that reads “Premium Plus Package” presumably implies that the vehicle was equipped with additional luxury equipment, such as a GPS navigation system.

If you are still unable to discover the trim level of your Silverado, you can simply take it to a trained technician, who will determine the trim level and any features related with it.


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