How to Tell If 5.4 is 2 Valve Or 3 Valve [What Year Did Ford Make The 5.4 3 Valve] |

How to Tell If 5.4 is 2 Valve Or 3 Valve [What Year Did Ford Make The 5.4 3 Valve]

Are you a car owner who is wondering which 5.4 Ford engine you have in your car and how to tell if it is 2 valve or 3 valve? Do you wish to get out of this dilemma? Why don’t you read to the end?

Knowing the type of engine that your car has is essential. Why? Because it helps you get an idea of the kind of problems or issues you are likely to encounter. And you could come up with measures that will help prevent these problems in the future.

For instance, you will know the type of engine that loses spark plugs, the one you should be extra cautious with, and the one whose spark plugs break off easily. Of course, you may not want to think about any possible future issues with your ford after getting one.

However, some ford owners have been through hell with their Ford and if asked, will advise that you get to know the engine type of your car.  If your car was bought before the year 2004, its engine is most likely a 2 valve.

If the car was brought to the market after the said year, the engine It is using is most likely 3 valves. However, the year it was manufactured is not enough to determine the type of engine in your car.

Knowing the differences between the 2 valves and the 3 valves and how to specify them leaves you with the right knowledge of what these valves include and how you can define the one in your car.

 What are 2 and 3 Valve Engines, and How Can You Tell if 5.4 is 2 Valve or 3 Valve?

The difference between these two engine types is in their breathing. The 3 valve engine type has better breathing as compared to the 2 valves. Its power output is, therefore, better since it functions with a higher revolution per minute.

The valves work for both the intake and exhaust. If you have 3 valves per cylinder, for instance, two valves would work in the intake and one for the exhaust. The vice versa can also work. The engine’s design determines this.

Some people will prefer the 3 valves over the 2 valves, while others will prefer the 2 valves. There are many arguments concerning the better option, but as with every other thing, each of these valves has its strengths and weaknesses.

The 2 valve is not tasking and can easily be adjusted. This is the reason why the majority of its users claim that it is less daunting. It is true that the 3 valve is quite tasking, less reliable, and comes with more maintenance costs. However, don’t forget that its power output is greater and it is a modern design.

1. Examine the Air Filter Housing

The 2 valves Ford 5.4L does not have anything on its housing regarding the number of valves. You will see some wordings that regard the car type and some other things. ‘Ford Triton’ are the writings you are likely to find. You will not find any mentions of the valves. Are you seeing this? Then rest assured that yours is a 2 valve engine.

If the engine is 3 valve, you are going to find writings as to the very same thing. You will get this in the air intake housing. The writings here are clear and you can never miss them. The writing could be like ‘Triton 5.4 L 3 V.’

2. Look at the VIN

The VIN is vital. It can help you get a better understanding of your car’s state. This includes the car’s type of engine. To obtain results as per your engine, you need the digits which can be keyed into a search engine. And there are very many websites where this can be done.

Alternatively. If you prefer the traditional way, just call up your dealership. The service department will need to read out those digits to them. After this, they can then tell you your type of engine instantly. You should not be worried since this way is one of the easiest. But if you are not satisfied with this, you are very free to make use of the next step.

3. Checking out the Coils

This is another way that could help determine the engine type in your car.  There are variations in the structures of vertical and curved coils. The coils bend at different angles such as 30 degrees. They do not bend to make an s or a c as you may be tempted to think. That is why you can spot their differences in shape.

If you want to know your engine type with little or no effort, this is the best way. Focusing on the rubber insulation inspecting the spark plug is all that you ought to do. A bend means that your engine type is 2 valve. If you find the coil straight, then your engine type is definitely 3 valve.

There is an alternative to this method for anyone who wishes to get the results without going down and dirty. Just pick up the OEM ford coils. This allows you to put down the year and the model. After this, different seller links will be noticeable. Select the ones you know to be reputable. Coils with their structures will be can be seen in one of these links. This should give you an idea about the engine type in your car.

Take Away

With all the differences between the 2 valve and the 3 valve engine types, deciding between the two can be hard. It is therefore important to take your time and think about it. While personal preference will carry the day, do not forget to consider your budget. Pick the one you can afford and remember that the 3 valve type requires more maintenance. If you are a newbie, the 2 valves will be better for you since it is more reliable.

And if you are looking to tell if your 5.4 is 2 valve or 3 valves, we can only hope that this article came in handy. Hopefully, you are able to identify your engine type and in case you need to buy a new Ford, you know what to consider!


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