How To Start Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key

There can be several reasons that may make you ask, “how to start Dodge RAM 1500 without key?” One of the reasons is when you lose your key and wait in the parking with your truck, wondering how to get it started without the keys. The process isn’t simple, but you will learn how to start Dodge RAM 1500 without a key in this guide.

There are different scenarios after losing your key which may have brought you here. Thus, you will find all the necessary steps below to help you start your Dodge RAM 1500 without key.

Easy Steps To Start Your Dodge RAM Without Keys

Starting The Truck Using Ignition System

These steps are helpful when you have lost the car keys, but you have the key fob. So, follow these steps to start your truck.

Step 1– Use your key fob, unlock the car door and seat yourself in.

Step 2– Remove the plastic covering from your steering column. The ignition wire harness connector is situated in the center of the steering column. Do not look on the sides of the column; else, you may get confused among headlight harness connectors, windshield wipers connectors, and ignition wires connectors. All the wires look the same.

Step 3– Look in the center, and you will find the brown or yellow wire. Then find the red wires which are linked to the battery.

Step 4– Use side-cutting pliers, wire-stripper, or knife to remove the insulation from the battery wires. Then twist them together.

Step 5– Now strip the insulation wires and twist them with the battery wires.

Step 6– Then, take your starter wires, strip them, and link them with the twisted ignition wires and battery wires.

Step 7- It will start your engine.

How To Unlock The Steering Wheel?

The above steps will start your Dodge RAM 1500 without key, but you will find that your steering wheel is still locked. It is simple to unlock. The processes of unlocking the steering wheel in Dodge RAM manufactured before 1990 and after 1990 are different, and both the processes are discussed here.

For Trucks Manufactured Before 1990

Follow the tricks below to unlock your steering wheel-

Trick 1– Hold your steering wheel tight and rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise with all your might. It will break the pin in a minute, and unlock your steering wheel.

Trick 2– The second trick is to open the keyhole. To do this, you need to break the metal keyhole and the pin that keeps the lock in place.

In both the tricks, you are damaging your car’s parts, and they will need repairs once you get the truck started and to the mechanic’s.

For Trucks Manufactured After 1990

If your truck is manufactured after 1990, the process will be different and more straightforward than the previous ones. You need a screwdriver and a drill for this process. Follow the steps below-

Step 1- Take a drill and insert it in the metal keyhole. Insert 3/4th of the drill length.

Step 2- Use this drill to break the pins inside the metal keyhole. Insert and remove the drill without any mercy into the keyhole several times.

Step 3- Take the screwdriver and insert it in the metal keyhole to start the engine.

Do not use this process for trucks manufactured after 2010, as the keyhole technologies in modern-day vehicles are very different.

How To Start Your Dodge RAM 1500 Without Key Fob?

There can be circumstances when you have the key fob, but its battery is low or dead. You don’t have the key, and now your fob isn’t working. But you can still start the ignition with it. The steps are given below.

To Start Using The Fob Key Itself

If your battery is low, the doors won’t unlock. So, turn your key fob and pull out the analog key. It is a minor silver key that will help you unlock your doors. Place the key inside the fob again. Once inside, you must press your foot on the brake and push the start button with your key, and it will start your car.

To Start Using The Fob and Your Finger

Many people don’t believe it but, yes, you can start your dodge RAM 1500 without a key but simply using your finger and fob. First, slide the fob and unlock the doors. Now, push your finger into the ignition switch and try turning it. You can feel it rotating. Rotate it to the off position first, then rotate it to the on position while keeping the fob key close to your finger. The warning sounds and lights will start flaring. But keep your finger on the ignition switch. In a minute, the warning sounds will stop, and your truck will start.

Now you can drive off, and once you reach your home or mechanic’s, you can kill the ignition by doing the same process and turning the switch to the off position.

Some Important Points To Remember

So, you have learned the process of how to start Dodge RAM 500 without key, but it is essential to remember these points before you follow the steps above.

  • These steps are to be undertaken in the case of an emergency only. Say, if you are at a friend’s place for a fun night and can’t find your keys, don’t try breaking the keyhole. Instead, ask anyone to pick you up, and it will save you from replacing car parts you will break in the process.
  • If you don’t know much about cars and their parts, avoid using the first method. Finding wires, attaching them, and starting the ignition can be difficult. Instead, use the screwdriver and drill.
  • Don’t undertake the process if you have kids with you. These are not generic steps but have been devised to be executed only when you are in trouble.

Final Thoughts

Losing your keys can be troubling. But you cannot break your car parts every time you drop your keys, right? Thus, it is advised to keep spare keys with you if you find it challenging to keep them safe. You can keep a spare in your truck, so you can open the doors with the key fob and start the ignition with the spare. And if you still need help, you know how to start Dodge RAM 1500 without key. Follow the steps and start your truck. 


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