How to Smoke Headlights

Automakers, who have worked tirelessly to improve the look of their vehicles, want to use headlights on their vehicles. Who doesn’t want to customize their vehicle? “Smoked headlight” is a synonym that appears progressively after “colored headlight”. You can mix up the look by trying to adjust the backlight or headlights.

Any car will sometimes share the high power, which is released steadily through the headlight beam. However, if you want to reduce the intensity of the light, you can use butts and backlights to make your vehicle look nice from the outside.

Among the thousands of cars on the roads, the development of smoked headlights is one of the main techniques to improve the appearance and reduce the unnecessary intensity of the headlights without replacing another light. If you are one of them, you can buy smoke headlights at the lowest price in your own garage, and I will accompany you with real-world knowledge.

Tint film VS. Spray paint

We demonstrate two types of tint film and spray-burning car headlights. In the nearest garage, you can get locally illuminated or fancy films. It is not necessary to hire a specialist to apply a light-colored film on the headlight. Now it is simple to mount the tint film with the help of our guide. Don’t waste money on the operation.

Painting, on the other hand, is the practice most commonly used by mechanics when it comes to smoking headlights. It all depends on the expense and whether you need high-quality products or just spray-painted headlights. We suggest you buy on the Internet. And read our instructions for successful headlight painting.

Steps To Smoke Headlights

It would be helpful if you had something that could naturally smoke your headlights, and they are:

  • Water soaking dryer
  • Backing paper
  • Tint
  • Glass cleaner or spray
  • Tape
  • Knife
  • Towel

Step 1: Clean Headlights

Headlight lenses have always been familiar to me and I know their exact shape. You must recognize the importance of cleaning the lenses. To begin with, clean the light mirrors and use the amazing headlight cleaner carefully to remove the rust from the headlights. Since the dust is still scattered, the headlights can’t be created if you don’t wash your hands sufficiently before washing them. Therefore, make sure you are prepared to use clean hands and headlight cleaners.

If you want to be neat and clean, you will need to find protective paper that matches the shape of the protective paper and fits the headlight lens. Properly apply the headlight lens cover with the backing paper.

Step 2: Drying the Headlights

From the preparation of the headlight shape, the headlight spray can be sprayed on the headlight lens. To get the greatest performance, you should choose the best headlight cleaner. And if you can’t afford a headlight cleaner, you will need a fantastic headlight cleaner. You will get the same result.

Okay, after spraying the cleaning solution on the lens, plan to soak it for at least 20 minutes, and during this period, use an exceptional dryer, whose temperature is incredible, dip H20 at 65 Below Fahrenheit. Before the lens is completely dry.

Step 3: Remove the Lens Cover

Remove the lens cover from the backing paper after rubbing the headlamp almost dry with the palms of your hands; but, in this situation, it is safest to wear gloves to keep your hands clean and, above all, to keep the headlamp lens clean. Depending on the proper shape of the headlamp, you must obey my instructions for attaching the lens cover. To effectively turn your lights into smoke headlights, be sure to attach the rear cover correctly.

When you place the lens cover on the headlight lens and turn on the headlight switch, it will look really dim. Isn’t this what you were expecting? Don’t worry; we’ll find a suitable solution using only the backing paper and lens cover.

Step 4: Add a spray paint

When I first tried to smoke the headlights I didn’t use the headlight and backlight at the same time, I did it at a 1/1 rate. Well, now that you’ve successfully installed the lens cover, you’ll need to add quick spray paint to create the look you want for your vehicle.

First is still first. So, plan on the spray and set it aside before you do the final task. Purchase high-quality tapes that are vehicle safe and prevent liquids from entering the system and components. As it appears to be a rectangular view, tie the car tape to the side of the headlight.

Step 5: Spraying color spray on headlights

Now, this is the final process, as you need to spray the color spray on the headlights from a distance to make sure that the smoked headlights have a safe tint. After spraying the entire headlight lens, you will see that it has a deep look. Let the lighthouse lens soak for 30 minutes.

After soaking for almost 30 minutes, it looks very dry, but you can remove it with a cleaning spray. I tell you to use it when you clean the headlights for the first time.

Now, you need to perform step 1 again and spray the headlights with rust remover or glass cleaner. When cleaning, pay attention to whether the headlight shades have been removed. After effective cleaning, you will be able to get an excellent shape of the smoke headlights until they dry properly and darken.

Advantages & Disadvantages of smoke headlights

You should know the advantages and disadvantages of the smoked lighthouse, as it can have all the intricacies. Let’s explain one point before you decide to smoke headlights. You should look into the traffic laws in your country.

You will benefit if you do not reject the traffic laws, as this will create diversity when traveling on the roads. I have sought official approval and recommend everyone who wants to smoke headlights legally to do so.

You will get a nice lookLower light output is obtained
The headlights of your car are adjustedMany countries impose restrictions on modification
You’ll reduce the unwanted beam of light without having to replace your headlights.Dangerous in foggy conditions
Reducing excessive light from the car is a good ideaHomologation required to smoke the headlamp
Be inventive when it comes to vehicle architecture


Are smoked lights illegal?

You can “smoke all your lights” and they won’t be illegal until you drive your car on a road with them in a “smoked” state.

Do smoked headlights reduce visibility?

It is, really. Reducing the heavy chrome headlight color, when the headlights look much deeper under the dark/black housing. If not “blacked out”, this alternative would have a smoked look, while retaining all the performance of the smoked option.


“How to smoke headlights” is a useful method provided by our specialists. Smoked headlights, in any case, can be mounted on the car to give it a more sophisticated look. For this, it is not necessary to resort to the services of a specialized consultancy.