How To Reset Service Airbag Light On Gmc Sierra?

For GMC Sierra owners, resetting the service airbag indicator is a simple job. The only requirement is to turn the ignition switch on. Once the airbag light illuminates (which often remains lit for seven seconds), turn off the switch and wait three seconds before continuing. This should be repeated twice or thrice prior to starting the engine.

If the airbag light does not turn off after completing the procedure, it is advisable to have the vehicle inspected at a service shop. This could be evidence of a defective airbag system that requires repair.

Note that it is not necessary to reset the service airbag light frequently. However, it is required to reset the light after repairing the airbag system. Before testing the airbag system, this reset step must be performed to assure correct performance.

By following the instructions provided, resetting the service airbag indicator on your GMC Sierra is simple and quick. This will help preserve the safety and functionality of your vehicle’s airbag system and ensure your security while driving.


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