How To Reset Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor?

If you’ve been driving your vehicle for a long and the quality of the exhaust fluid (DEF) has deteriorated, you may need to reset it to keep your vehicle operating properly. There are, fortunately, a few simple measures you may do to reset the quality of your exhaust fluid.

The first step is to pour in more than a gallon of DEF and let your vehicle idle for a few seconds before driving it slowly until the warning light resets. This should be sufficient to reset the quality of the exhaust fluid. If the warning light does not reset, you can attempt to reset the engine system by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and waiting twenty to thirty minutes.

It is crucial to note that you must always use DEF that fits the manufacturer’s specifications for best vehicle performance. Additionally, you should check the DEF levels frequently to ensure they are not low.

By following these instructions, you may reset the exhaust fluid quality of your vehicle and maintain its safe and efficient operation.


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