How To Remove Tailgate With Backup Camera?

Removing the tailgate with a backup camera from a Ford F-250 is an easy task that can be accomplished in a few straightforward stages. First, unhook the wiring harness from underneath the truck. This can be accomplished by simply detaching the harness from its attachment point.

Unhooking the steel wires that support the tailgate is the next step. These wires are positioned close to the tailgate hinges and can be removed with a tool. After disconnecting the cables, the tailgate can be tilted and withdrawn from the right side of the hinge. This will assist in disengaging the tailgate from the left hinge.

Once the trunk lid has been lifted, the backup camera is easily accessible. It is often attached to the top of the tailgate and can be removed with pliers. Once the camera has been removed, the tailgate and wire harness can be rejoined.

In conclusion, removing the tailgate from a Ford F-250 equipped with a backup camera is a pretty straightforward task that can be completed in a few straightforward stages. Disconnect the wiring harness, detach the steel cables, angle and pull the tailgate from its hinge, and then remove the backup camera. With these instructions, you can quickly remove the tailgate and camera.


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