How To Remove Headrest On 2021 Silverado?

It is easier than you may expect to remove the headrest from your 2021 Chevrolet Silverado. Locate and press the buttons on either side of the headrest to stretch the headrest to its maximum height. Now you have access to the mechanism’s plastic coverings, which must be removed.

To accomplish this, press the tabs on either side of the plastic coverings and remove them. After removing the coverings, you can reach the metal bars that hold the headrest in place. Now, using a screwdriver with a flat head, press down on the tabs atop the metal bars and pull them away from the headrest. The headrest should now be able to slide out of the seat.

Finally, you must reinstall the plastic covers you removed before. To accomplish this, slide the plastic covers over the metal bars and reattach the tabs. Once the plastic coverings are in place, remove the headrest entirely.

Removing the headrest from your 2021 Chevrolet Silverado may appear difficult at first, but it can be accomplished in a few simple steps. After removing the plastic covers and pushing the metal bars away from the headrest, it should be possible to slide the headrest out of the seat and return the plastic covers to finish the removal.


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