How To Remove Governor On Gmc Sierra?

It is possible to remove the governor from a GMC Sierra truck, but it is crucial to recognize the risks involved. The governor is designed to control the vehicle’s speed for safety reasons, and exceeding the speed limit puts the tires at risk of failure owing to centripetal acceleration. The majority of truck tires are rated R (106 mph) or S (112 mph), with a few T classifications (118 mph).

The process of removing the governor requires some technical expertise and should therefore be performed by a trained expert. The procedure is as follows:

1. Remove the ECM (Engine Control Module) from the car and find the governor.

Separate the governor from the ECM.

Connect the ECM and configure it to bypass the governor.

4. Conduct a test on the vehicle to check that the governor has been removed successfully.

Noting that removing the governor can violate the vehicle’s warranty and increase the danger of high speed-related damage is vital. Therefore, it is advisable to drive the car with caution and within the speed limit.


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