How To Open Toyota Corolla Trunk Without Keys |

How To Open Toyota Corolla Trunk Without Keys

Forgetting your keys in the car is a common problem for some people. You have also been through this situation in your life. But the solution to this problem is not to get worried. Here we will help you, give you tips to solve the problem whenever you get into this situation.

First of all, Prevention is the most important step to be taken. Always make sure to check the keys before locking the doors of the car. Because care is better than cure. But if you have not checked your keys and the keys are in the car then do not panic and proceed to the following steps to get your keys back. Let’s read the article.

How To Open Toyota Corolla Trunk Without Keys

 Tip no.1:

If the doors of the car are locked and you cannot open the trunk of the car. And do not want to open the car by yourself or cannot trust any method illustrated on the internet then you should look for the manual guide.

You can rely on these methods but still if you are not confident to open the door by yourself. Call the locksmith he will help you and will open your car in very professional ways.

You can also take the help of any friend who has experience of opening the doors of the cars without using keys. But if you are confident that you can open it by yourself then look for the other tips in the article.

Tip no.2:

You can also open the trunk by pulling the bolts present in the rear seats of your Toyota Corolla. Move the front seats forward to create enough space for you to work in the rear side of the car.

Now lift the bottom side of the rear seats of the car to locate the bolts. You can use the wrench to remove the back of the seats and bottom as well.

After you have completed removing the back and bottom of the seats you can easily creep into the trunk. After creeping into the trunk you need to find a piece of a metal bar that is located near the lock horizontally.

Your flat head screwdriver will help you to open the bar and approach the box lying on the bar. Now you need to rotate in a clockwise direction to open it.

Congratulations! You have opened your trunk without the assistance of a professional. Place all the seats and insulations in their right place.

Tip no. 3:

If your trunk is locked and you are in hurry. Then open the trunk by removing the door cylinder lock. While proceeding with the step you will need to be cautious and attentive to observe the setting of the lock. Take off the plug on the driver’s door which is facing the B-column and is found in level to the handle of the door.

After you have removed the plastic plug you will find a hole. Look into the hole you will observe a screw in the hole. Now take a screwdriver and remove the screw. It will be better for you to be careful so that your car’s paint would not be scratched or you can use tape to protect it. When you are done with this pull the handle gently to approach the key cylinder.

Be patient and try to remove the cylinder gently. Do not make haste it will need effort because cylinders are strongly fitted in the pocket. When you have removed the cylinder you will see a plus-shaped depression in the pocket and the cylinder as well.

Insert a screwdriver that has a flat tip in the plus-shaped depression of the pocket, twist the screwdriver till it opens the trunk. Now put all the things back to their place after you have opened the trunk and retrieved your keys.

This tip works best if you are in hurry and do not want to waste your time testing different methods.

Tip no.4:

This tip can work if your Toyota model has a trunk release lever near the driver’s seat. If you are on your trip and want to open the trunk but have lost your key then this tip is going to work for you.

 There is a hole in the floor panel of the Toyota Corolla which is covered with the rubber plug. If you will find a hole in the floor panel of the car, remove the rubber plug all you have to do is to look for an instrument that will help you to hit the hole in such a way that it will push up on the trunk release lever located near the seat of the car.

If you will hit it successfully then your trunk will be opened without using the keys. After opening the trunk you can place the rubber plug back into the hole.

 Almost all the Toyota Corolla models have this kind of hole in the floor panel of the car. But you will have to look for it before hitting the lever from the hole in the floor panel.

Tip no. 5:

This tip is not very useful but you can try it when you are at any place where you cannot get any other assistance. All you can do is to take a screwdriver with a flat tip. Insert the screwdriver into the lock of the trunk and rotate it in the left or right direction till the lock opens.

Use the screwdriver gently and do not hurry. This method is not very advantageous as it can cause damage to your trunk or can break its lock.

Bottom line

In this article, you find different tips to open your Toyota Corolla’s trunk. I hope all the tips mentioned above in the article will prove to be useful. Make sure that you choose the method that is suitable for you. Always make sure that you have an extra key that can help you when you lose the other key.


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