How to Manually Move a Power Seat Ford

Can you manually move a ford power seat? The disadvantage of electric seats is that normally power is required to adjust them.

Are you looking for an alternative method if your power seats have stopped working and you need to adjust them manually? we’ve got it. In this article, you will find out some of the most important things about the power seat and most importantly, how you can manually move the ford power seat.

What Is A Power Seat?

Before learning more complex details about the power seat. Let’s first understand what it actually is.

Typically, a power seat is the front seat of the vehicle that’s equipped with electric motors to control the positioning and movement of the seat. A control switch similar to a small joystick is installed on the lower side of the seat, enabling the driver to adjust the position of the seat in various methods.

The normal power seat is a six-way unity with up and down movement, forward and backward as well as multiple reclining positions. In the bucket seat configuration, the driver seat might be the only such seat of the vehicle, however, the passenger seat might be equipped too. In a bench seat application, the complete seat is controlled by the side control switch of the driver.

What Is A 6-Way Power Seat?

Six-way power seats are designed to enable wheelchair users to transfer to one of the front seats from the back of a van. They move backward and forward, rotate towards the middle of the van and back facing the front, and rise and as lower as needed. Every function of the 6-way seat is done electrically.

How Much Will The Replacement Of The Driver’S Seat Will Cost?

On average you can spend about $200-$750 per seat or $500-$2000 for 2 bucket seats.

Why My Power Seat Is Not Working?

If moisture and water get into the controls of the power seat, your seat adjustments might not function. An object can be stuck under the power seat which might be blocking its movement. And if your car is old, the motors moving the seat may get tired.

How To Move A Power Seat Ford F150 Manually?

To do this, you must have these tools: safety glasses, gloves, a drill, a winder, scissors, a screwdriver, and a bolt cutter. Having their equivalents can also help during this process.

Now, before getting to the heavy-lifting, you must consider one thing. Let’s say you own a unique winder, not much fuss will be made while moving the seat. This winder comes with your vehicle, directly from their factory.

You can put this tool on the right hand or at the back of the chair in the electric motor. Now, turn the winder right where you want to move the chair backward. Or left where you wish to move it forward. This tool will help you forego the subsequent steps. In case you don’t have it, get yourself prepared for the cardio workout, and enjoy the outdoors.

1. Remove Car Seat

To begin, get the car seat out of the vehicle. It might look like lengthy work, but it’s pretty simple. To do this, remove the entire chair. Or just slice with a knife the rear open.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t begin working on the car before switching off the engine and removing the batteries. Therefore, to prevent any events that can get you in ER, make sure to first do this before you work on anything.

2. Cutting Away Thethe Spring Mesh

After removing the seat, cutting the spring mesh that’s underneath the car seat is required. A bolt cutter can help you do this. after doing this, you’ll see the shafts that control car seat positioning.

Now, here’s another point to notice in this regard. While you work on the slicing, it’s easy to get carried away with this process. A lot of time, people end up slicing some other parts instead of the spring mesh.

Remember that this will wear destruction and the car and you might call a professional in the end. Thus, make sure to only work on the spring mesh and exercise caution. It’s always best to work with an expert whenever you’re in a doubt.

3. Moving The Shafts

On this point, given that you cut the spring mesh as described in the steps above, you can view the shafts. Therefore, you can go with them to position the chair as you wish. Here, you’ll use the pliers for accessing the pole.

You should turn the pole to the left where you want to move the seat forward. You should turn the pole to the right where you want to move the seat backward. A lot of turns will be required to get that seat in your desired position, therefore make sure to have patience during this regard.

Test Your Seat, Take The Car For A Ride

The seat is in your desired position now, replace the mesh on your car seat mechanism and properly return the seat in your car.

Now you can drive to verify that your seat is in a good position. If some more adjustments are still needed to be made, simply take out the seat and adjust some more.

Do These Steps On How To Manually Adjust Power Seats Work The Same For Every Car Model?

Remember that the power seat switch repair has to be performed by experts. This is only a temporary fix, and taking your vehicle to an expert is still pending.

Do these steps on how to manually adjust a power seat in Ford cars work the same on how to move a power car seat manually for Volvo cars the same?

Yes, the steps are quite similar. Almost every power car seat is built in the same way, however, consulting your dealership about your car’s power seat before proceeding is still helpful.

Still, if you cannot adjust the power seat of your car despite these steps in our article, you should take the car to a repair center. 


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